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^ 'Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver'.

b c John Markoff (October 9, 2010).

b c John Markoff (May 10, 2011).

'Nevada enacts law authorizing autonomous (driverless) vehicles'.

b c Mary Slosson (May 8, 2012).

'Google gets first self-driven car license in Nevada'.

'Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car'.

'Google's 'goofy' new self-driving car a sign of things to come'.

On the road with self-driving car user number one ^

'Google's self-driving car unit becomes Waymo'.

'Google sibling Waymo launches fully autonomous ride-hailing service'.

b 'Google in talks with OEMs, suppliers to build self-driving cars'.

'Intel is collaborating with Waymo on self-driving car technology'.

'Google's autonomous car injuries: Blame the human'.

'Ultrasonic Sensors on Rear Wheels',, December 14, 2014 ^

The latest chapter for the self-driving car: mastering city street driving, googleblog ^

'Google's self-driving cars are now on the streets of California', Quartz, June 25, 2015 ^

A Google self-driving car was pulled over by police because the vehicle was traveling too slowly, officials said.

The officer in Mountain View, California, noticed traffic backing up behind the prototype vehicle, which was traveling 24 mph in a 35 mph zone, the force said.

'California lawmaker pushes for driver-free robot car testing on public roads' – via The Guardian.

'California's proposed rules for driverless vehicles take aim at Tesla'.

'Google founder defends accident records of self-driving cars'.

'Passenger bus teaches Google robot car a lesson'.

'Google self-driving car caught on video colliding with bus' – via The Guardian.

'For the first time, Google's self-driving car takes some blame for a crash'.

'The Google car crash was 'not a surprise', US transport secretary says'.

'Google reports self-driving car mistakes: 272 failures and 13 near misses' – via The Guardian.

'Did you know Google's self-driving cars can't handle 99% of roads in the US?'.

'Google's Sergey Brin: You'll ride in robot cars within 5 years'.

'Google may be crafting its own self-driving cars, tinkering with robo-taxis'.

'The future of urban transport: The self-driving car club'.

Andrew Timothy Szybalski Sebastian Thrun & Philip Nemec et al., 'Transportation-aware physical advertising conversions', published 2014-01-14, assigned to Google Inc ^

'Say hello to Waymo: what's next for Google's self-driving car project – Waymo'.

Aye, robot: Cd'A City Council approves robot ordinance ^

'Google 'disappointed' by proposed restrictions on driverless cars'.

State outlines guidelines for permitting autonomous-driving cars and licensing their motorists'.

'Google to urge Congress to help get self-driving cars on roads'.

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