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INDUSTRY INSIGHT We’ve been talking about software-defined data centers in federal IT for several years, and yet the concept still causes some head scratching among network managers.

As the federal government continues its march toward network modernization, many agency IT professionals have already implemented (or are considering) SDDCs, in which all elements of an IT infrastructure are abstracted, pooled and automated.

SDDCs involve taking traditional hardware appliances and creating an automated, scalable and highly agile networking environment.

Despite the complexities of SDDCs, federal IT professionals can -- and should -- apply many of the same core network management disciplines and principles to their new ITaaS environments.

Server- and application-monitoring solutions can track performance, capacity and overall health of applications across the data center from a single dashboard.

Remediate -- Focused alerts allow administrators to remediate issues at a much faster clip, reducing lost time and enhancing productivity.

The SOAR framework Although DART is useful for overall SDDC management, attacking the change management issue might require a more robust set of practices.

Administrators must understand the different interactions that are taking place within their enormously complex IT ecosystems, the behavior of their application stacks and the interdependencies of systems both inside and outside their spheres.

Automation should be done at a controlled scale (so that it does no harm to the production environment), followed by close monitoring of the entire automation process to ensure that everything is properly executed.

Yes, there are some pretty daunting pain points, but use of traditional monitoring and management techniques can help government IT administrators salve those wounds and make the jump to ITaaS far less taxing.