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Automation Anywhere RPA software is built for business users to record and deploy robots without needing any coding skills.

By taking the most repetitive tasks out of the human and entrust the robot with these activities the employees are able to utilize their capacities, their intellect and creativity to solve higher level challenges within the organization.

How Companies Can Take Advantage of the $3.7 Billion Robotics Opportunity

IDC recently predicted the worldwide robotic process automation (RPA) software market will total $3.7 billion by 2022.

Broadly speaking, there are two types: fully automated scenarios that do not require additional human input, or partially automated processes that involve humans in some steps.

These scenarios can be automated to improve accuracy, save time, and increase overall productivity.” Finance, HR, and customer service departments cut across all industries – each bursting with time-consuming processes ripe for RPA intervention.

“For any department, bots can more quickly pull data from different systems to create one consolidated report with accurate, updated information.” SAP recently used SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation to improve the company’s employee hiring experience.

“Now when we have a new hire or employee transfer, the bot collects and extracts the relevant data using a template, generates the offer letter, converts it to the required format, and after HR review, it’s sent the applicant.

It’s particularly valuable in making sure the letter meets country-specific legal requirements.” With a $3 billion opportunity, rethinking business processes with intelligent RPA is well worth the business investment.

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