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Machine Learning 1

Believe it or not, computers have limits on what they can do for us. Professor Sandra Zilles at the University of Regina explains.

Machine Learning Theory

Believe it or not, computers do have limits on what they can do for us! University of Regina professor, Sandra Zilles analyzes the theories behind artificial ...

Science in Seconds - Artificial Intelligence

Awesome and terrifying advances in the field of machine learning.

Intelligence and Learning in Brains and Machines

Speaker begins at 3:26 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Heller Lectures Series in Computational Neuroscience The Interdisciplinary Center for Neural ...

Embracing Uncertainty: How a Computer Can Learn to Be Intelligent

This video explains how computers can learn from data, and how these ideas have been applied to the latest Xbox video gaming technology.

Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning

The Centre for Machine Learning focuses on pure and applied machine-learning research to extract useful patterns from large volumes of data. Machine ...

Lecture: Getting Computers To Learn, Part 1 of 4

An introduction to machine learning, and some of the mathematics underlying machine learning algorithms. This is part 1 of 4.

Richard Scheines at Judea Pearl Symposium

UCLA computer science professor Judea Pearl was honored March 12, 2010 at an all-day workshop celebrating his influential contributions in artificial ...

Computer science : is it a science or an art

Computer science : is it a science or an art.