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Bran Ferren

Apple's 'pinch-to-zoom' patent, which features prominently in its legal battle with Samsung, was invalidated by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2013 based on a 2005 patent by Ferren and Hillis for multi-touch gestures.[25][26][27]

He first attended Hunter College Elementary School for gifted students in New York City, followed by a year at the American Community School, in Beirut Lebanon (1963-1964) while his father served as the first artist-in-residence for a U.S. Department of State cultural exchange program to introduce American abstract art to the Middle East.

He left high school at age 16 to attend MIT, but departed in 1970 to continue entrepreneurial pursuits.

His theatrical special effects design work for the Broadway productions of Frankenstein, Cats, and Sunday in the Park with George, were widely acknowledged for their groundbreaking special effects.

It was the first Broadway musical to utilize digitally-processed projection mapping (pre-processed, geometrically corrected 35mm film projection), a radio-controlled costume with a robotic endoskeleton, 20 kW xenon light ray effects, and dazzling high powered lasers that broke the 4th wall, traveling throughout the audience.[46]

and Carol Lawson, said in the New York Times, that 'critics have remarked that Mr. Ferren's work on this play, which included the spectacular destruction of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory by his monster, had the lavishness that audiences have come to expect in films, but have never before seen in the theater.'[48]

simulation and laser effects technology, and provided customized equipment for dozens of major road tours, and stationary installations.[52][53]

Ferren served as lead designer, engineer, and producer of the 50-state, 16-month tour of the Bill of Rights, which celebrated the document's bicentennial.[12][59]

For the tour, he designed and built the Bill of Rights Secure Transit Vehicle, which transported the fragile parchment document, as well as a 15,000-square-foot travelling exhibit equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, A/V, security, and safety systems.

Ferren was responsible for developing many technologies for industrial and government customers in the areas of robotics, sound systems, vehicle systems, control systems, scientific research &

Mr. Ferren was responsible for the development of advanced lens and thin-film dichroic coating technologies for the Revo Sunglasses brand, and served in the role of Director of Research &

He did the lighting design and interiors concept for Ian Schrager's 'White' variation of Studio 54 in NYC, as well as invented the what is believed to be the first multi-monitor video wall, which premiered at the opening of the Palladium Club, also in New York City, in 1985.[65]

He has been recognized for his unique approach working with directors in the design of special effects and visual effects across motion pictures, television, theater, concerts, and later in theme parks and architecture.

According to his former boss, CEO Michael Eisner, Ferren's mission was 'to dream about the future and show us new and innovative ways to tell stories'.[80]

When Eisner interviewed him on his new talk show, Conversations with Michale Eisner, he said that he loved that Bran 'pushed me against the wall, and pushed management' in the areas of creativity and technology.[82]

Ferren supported Disney's Strategic Planning Group and had direct creative and technical involvement in a wide variety of design and technology projects for Disney Theme Parks, such as the Tower of Terror ride, the Test Track by General Motors,[85]

In the 90's, Ferren's research group at Disney developed many pioneering concepts, and produced demonstrations of these ideas and technologies, to familiarize Disney corporate leadership of their potential to transform the entertainment industry.

These included gaming box platforms, personal navigators, electronic books, theater-scale digital cinema, direct on-demand music and video delivery to the home via telephone networks (pre World Wide Web &

broadband), interactive cable television, safe browsing concepts for kids, and hybrid on-line/theme park concepts.

engineering talent, when he found that traditional Disney process of resume screening, reviewing bios, and interviews often didn't identify the kinds of multi-domain savvy talent he needed at Walt Disney Imagineering Research &

they are scored on not just how well they can correctly identify the items, but also their thoughtfulness in explaining how they would be used and why, material selection, sourcing, cost, viable alternatives, and the technical and design principles, and even aesthetics.

AMI invents, designs, prototypes, and creates high-technology products, vehicles, architectural designs, and services for government institutions and Fortune 100 companies.[96][97]

In his role as Chief Creative Officer and Co-Chairman, Ferren serves as lead technical consultant, management consultant, systems engineer, engineer, and designer across multiple disciplines.

His 2005 patent with Hillis for multi-touch gestures led to the invalidation of Apple's 'pinch-to-zoom' patent, which Apple cited in its billion-dollar lawsuit against Samsung.[25][26]

teaches the use of two cameras and electronic image processing to emulate the function of zoom lenses within devices such as smart phones, where traditional zoom lenses cannot fit.[115]

writing could turn out to be a fad, to be replaced within 250 years by better and more compelling technology (enabled by what would then-be ubiquitous networked personal electronic technology).[182]

The concept being that increasing the technical resolution of a system, such as sharpness and contrast (MTF/OTF) above a certain point, may have the effect of reducing the effectiveness of the medium for storytelling, as excessive sharpness encourages the audience to concentrate on the details and flaws of the scene or process (i.e.

set construction, props, effects, artificial lighting) or of a performer (makeup, blemishes, wigs), rather than to suspend their disbelief to engage more deeply in the story.

One can see the practical efforts to mitigate the undesirable effects of this phenomenon in the extensive range of options in diffusion filters and soft lighting used routinely in still photography, film and television production.

in the emerging field of Geodesign as a powerful tool that he believes has the ability to transform the way we think about city, regional and global planning, the environment, and effectively mitigating the negative impacts of people and development on the natural world.[231]

The purpose of this organization being to draw from the local talent pool, and its deep expertise in gaming, visualization, and UI/UX design.

When asked why it should be there, rather than say the DC area, he stated emphatically that to be successful in this new domain, the army '...needed to be where the action is.'

Kern's leadership, and with the help of Army funding, the ICT was established in 1999 at the University of Southern California (USC), and has become an important and sustaining resource for the Department of Defense in gaming, modeling, &

His photographs are part of several private collections, and he is completing the editorial work for a large format photo book project called Eleven Seconds.[255]

How AI Is Capable of Defeating Biometric Authentication Systems

Biometrics Authentication Systems and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the most powerful weapons for fighting fraudsters in payment cards and the e-commerce industry.

In his recent virtual presentation on “Unlock the Power of Data” at Dell Technologies, Nick offered an inside preview of how MasterCard uses machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with biometric technology to make card transactions smooth and frictionless with an end to end robust security.

However, it’s time to face the stark reality that criminals will soon gain access to AI, which could enable them to defeat multiple authentication systems from simple passwords to biometric security systems.

Unfortunately, with the amount of research already done on AI, we are entering an era where AI tools will be available everywhere from online shopping to your personal search experience and event to your home security system.

One neural network, the generator, tries to simulate specific kinds of data and the second neural network, the discriminator, compares the generated data with the real one.

Previously, brute-force attacks were used to make password guesses, but with the kind of fingerprint authentication systems used by banks, fingerprint security is not safe against fraudsters.

Special capture machines that employ infrared light which passes through human skins and capture vein patterns that are unique to each user.

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