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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Business

Many people still associate artificial intelligence with science fiction dystopias, but that characterization is waning as artificial intelligence develops and becomes more commonplace in our daily lives.

The modern field of artificial intelligence came into existence in 1956, but it took decades of work to make significant progress toward developing an artificial intelligence system and making it a technological reality.

'Artificial intelligence' is a broad and general term that refers to any type of computer software that engages in humanlike activities, including learning, planning and problem-solving.

Machine learning is useful for putting vast troves of data – increasingly captured by connected devices and the internet of things – into a digestible context for humans.

If a machine in the manufacturing plant is working at a reduced capacity, a machine learning algorithm can catch it and notify decision-makers that it's time to dispatch a preventive maintenance team.

The development of artificial neural networks, an interconnected web of artificial intelligence 'nodes,' has given rise to what is known as 'deep learning.'

Deep learning algorithms are used to help self-driving cars contextualize information picked up by their sensors, like the distance of other objects, the speed at which they are moving and a prediction of where they will be in 5-10 seconds.

Older machine learning algorithms tend to plateau in their capability once a certain amount of data has been captured, but deep learning models continue to improve their performance as more data is received.

Although artificial intelligence currently has a difficult time completing commonsense tasks in the real world, it is adept at processing and analyzing troves of data far more quickly than a human brain could.

Those traits make artificial intelligence highly valuable throughout many industries, whether it's simply helping visitors and staff make their way around a corporate campus efficiently or performing a task as complex as monitoring a wind turbine to predict when it will need repairs.

The troves of data are then contextualized by machine learning algorithms and delivered to human decision-makers to better understand energy usage and maintenance demands.

Dr. Hossein Rahnama, founder and CEO of artificial intelligence concierge company Flybits and visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, worked with TD Bank to integrate artificial intelligence into regular banking operations, such as mortgage loans.

'Using this technology, if you have a mortgage with the bank and it's up for renewal in 90 days or less … if you're walking by a branch, you get a personalized message inviting you to go to the branch and renew purchase,' Rahnama said.

'What's going to happen now with artificial intelligence and a combination of [the internet of things] is that the display won't be the main interface – the environment will be.

Sounds like a job for augmented reality.] With all these new artificial intelligence use cases comes the daunting question of whether machines will force humans into obsolescence.

The jury is still out: Some experts vehemently deny that artificial intelligence will automate so many jobs that millions of people find themselves unemployed, while other experts see it as a pressing problem.

It might be a little bit theoretical, but I think if you have to worry about artificial intelligence and robots replacing our jobs, it's probably algorithms replacing white-collar jobs such as business analysts, hedge fund managers and lawyers.'

[For example,] a tax accountant won't one day receive a pink slip and meet the robot that is now going to sit at her desk.

Husain pointed to self-driving trucks and artificial intelligence concierges like Siri and Cortana as examples, stating that as these technologies improve, widespread use could eliminate as many as 8 million jobs in the U.S. alone.

As this technology develops, the world will see new startups, numerous business applications and consumer uses, as well as the displacement of certain jobs and the creation of entirely new ones.


This was originally going to be a Reddit text post, but it quickly exceeded the forty thousand character limit and now stands at about six times that amount, which is why I've moved it to a separate site.

The main reason I started this project was because the timeline by RedLionKing has become very outdated and only deals with the core storyline of the show's past, although my version isn't quite as beautifully written so I recommend you check it out anyway.

Thanks to Uncivilized Elk for his in-depth episode analysis videos which have inspired some details of the timeline, and thanks to all the editors and transcribers on the Adventure Time Wiki without whom this task would have been a lot more arduous.

And of course, thanks to Pendleton Ward, Adam Muto, and the entire Adventure Time crew for creating one of the most deep, complex, and inspiring worlds in the history of children's television.

This means that not only am I drawing events from the show, but also from many other pieces of officially licensed material, including comics, video games, and graphic novels.

In fact, the only comics which are dramatically irreconcilable with the show are the Bag of Holding arc, in which Finn and Jake throw the Lich into the Sun, and the Seeing Red graphic novel, which contains a multitude of inaccuracies regarding Marceline's past.

Therefore, I'm going to treat the comics like an alternate timeline, which leaves me free to selectively choose which elements I include in the main timeline.

I have also considered things like promotional art and social media posts from members of the show's crew, although these are often tongue-in-cheek and shouldn't be taken as canon in every instance.

Every sentient being that lives in the Multiverse paradoxically maintains its existence by experiencing it, and this also means that every sentient being has an existence beyond the material, known as their soul.

Amidst this complex system of dimensions is the Time Room: The physics behind the concept of the Multiverse is somewhat explained in chapter four of the Wizards' Enchiridion, albeit in a very hand-wavy pseudo-scientific way.

As stated above by Booko, dimensions can be interlinked if the frequencies of the particles in a local region of both dimensions can be somehow synchronised, hence forming a kind of gateway called a 'portal'.

A very rudimentary form of temporal synchronisation is demonstrated by Finn when he interacts with the little people, who reside in 'a different dimensional plane' according to Jake.

For example, highly elastic dimensions are more easily influenced by magic (more on that in a couple of sections), and are more likely to allow for interspecies hybrids to be born.

The most extreme known examples of hybrids seen in the show are Jake's descendants, who contain genes from at least four species;

In the comics it is a frequently used plot device, with instances of time travel happening in several arcs including the Time Machine arc, Banana Guard Academy, the Cosmic Elementals arc, Beginning of the End, and the first arc of Season 11.

This practice is most commonly known as 'magic' and used almost exclusively by witches and wizards, although others can also learn to manipulate the material world using their mind.

Magic most commonly manifests itself in the form of spell-casting, in which magic users recite incantations and channel their imagination through magically charged items in order to produce various effects.

They usually have to practice one trick over and over until they are able to consistently perform it, which is why most magic users have a unique but limited arsenal of spells.

Therefore, individuals with tragic pasts are more likely to be drawn into the world of wizardry, and other individuals may be driven to madness and sadness if they attempt to pursue magic.

On the other hand, magicians choose not to question the methods by which magic is possible, and, thanks to this blind belief, they are far more proficient at performing it.

These spells cause it to gain sentience, change with every reading, automatically translate into the reader's native language, and contain knowledge from the past and future.

It teaches heroes how to conduct themselves and best serve their wizard masters, and it teaches wizards how to perform many ancient and secret forms of magic.

Most notably, filling the gem slots in the front cover enables the user to open a portal to any dimension in the Multiverse, and might even allow for time travel.

[S06E10 Something Big] On Planet Earth exists the concept of five fundamental elements: Fire, Ice, Candy, Slime, and Lumps: parodying the real-life (but false) classical elements of fire, water, earth, air, and aether.

demon named Hunson Abadeer comes into being around this time: Note: This excerpt suggests that the Land of Ooo has existed since the beginning of life on Earth, but this is now known to be false since it did not form until after the Great Mushroom War.

Some creatures, such as the giant moth, appear to be capable of faster-than-light travel, given the fact that Martin travels from the planet of the koala people back to Planet Earth in a very short time.

For example, Evergreen, who lived millions of years in the past, is capable of constructing an entire castle from ice, whereas the Fire Elemental of the pre-war era struggles to heat a single cup of coffee.

[S08E19 Jelly Beans Have Power] At one point, four Cosmic Entities each rule over one of the four elements: Zon, Arklothac, and Ng'zot Aa reap the Earth for many years, terrorising the fledgling life that has begun to appear.

Before being used, the sword must await its true bearer, 'a warrior who can withstand great bodily loss without injury'.

[S06E24 Evergreen, S08E08 Elemental] At around the same time, a Cosmic Entity known as the Catalyst Comet begins its millennial cycle: Every comet strike brings great change to the world by delivering a being known as an 'Agent of Change' or 'Comet Avatar'.

The stories behind each of them, and the stories behind the Agents which they spawn, form a core part of the lore of the show and will be explained later in the timeline.

Evergreen the Ice Elemental has a mutated dinosaur servant named Gunther, who vainly hopes to eventually become his master's magical apprentice.

He uses his knowledge of technology and magic to construct a golden crown capable of granting its wearer their greatest wish, but it needs a power source: the ruby eyes of the lava dog Magwood.

They reject his plan, stating that wish magic is too dangerous and reminding him that even if they die, they will be reincarnated: Ignoring their advice, Evergreen has them frozen and sets off to take on Magwood alone.

Evergreen becomes trapped under debris and is unable to put on the crown and wish for the Comet's destruction, so he instead orders his dinosaur servant Gunther to do it.

Since the Multiverse is maintained by the conscious beings within it, the end of life would mean the end of the Multiverse, and reality would return to its initial state of chaos and monsters.

[S05E01 Finn the Human, S09E13 Whispers] The extinction of the dinosaurs allows mammals to dominate the planet, and eventually this leads to the evolution of vampires and humans.

Vampires are terrifying humanoid creatures who suck the blood from the necks of other creatures for nourishment and are capable of turning their victims.

[Marcy & Simon #5] It is not clear where they came from, but it has been theorised that they are advanced humans who became somehow transported back in time.

This theory is supported by the following facts: Lincoln's champion is the four-faced Grob Gob Glob Grod, who later becomes entwined in the religious beliefs of the inhabitants of Earth.

To prevent his second coming, Magic Man builds a defence system called the Magical Automated Resistance Generating Laser Energy Supplier (M.A.R.G.L.E.S.) in the image of his late wife, and plans to install it on the peak of Olympus Mons.

[S04E06 Daddy's Little Monster, Seeing Red] According to Hunson Abadeer's encyclopaedia, the ancient demons were 'trepanning fetishists' who attached engraved iron plates to their skulls containing ancient secret knowledge.

[S04E05 Return to the Nightosphere] By this time, the Crystal Dimension is mainly inhabited by two species: the Korean-speaking magical rainbow-unicorn creatures known as 'rainicorns', and a race of intelligent talking dogs.

For an unknown reason, the two species fall into multiple disputes over the course of many millennia, eventually leading to the outbreak of war.

Not much is known about how the wars play out, nor who wins, although it seems to involve one or both sides engaging in aerial flying saucer combat.

Note: This probably takes place after the first coming of GOLB because Glob is wearing their 'groovy headgear' to hide their baldness during their fight with Orgalorg.

powerful shape-shifter named Warren Ampersand wishes to live forever, so he creates a plan to drain the youth from his own children.

Later in his children's lives, he lures them to his homeworld, Nerraw, where he tricks them into shape-shifting while wearing a special belt which drains their power and gives it to him.

Construction of the Egyptian pyramids is completed in approximately 2560 BCE, and Charlie, one of the children of Jake the Dog, would study tarot reading and divination there thousands of years later.

As humans continue to develop and thrive, the elasticity of the Earth Dimension settles into a more rigid pattern, bringing about the end of magic.

After magic fades from the world, they are banished by early humans, and live in subterranean lairs for the next few thousand years, eventually coming to call themselves 'The Underground'.

[S06E40 Orgalorg] The legend of the Dual Swords takes place during the time of the Ancient Romans: Thousands of years later, the Dual Swords would end up back together in the arena of the Fight King, who is likely an immortalised version of the evil emperor.

[S08E01 Broke His Crown, S03E20 Holly Jolly Secrets Part II] The fact that he wore it so briefly suggests either that he is able to overcome its influence or that he dies not long after wearing it.

Instead of being killed, he becomes immortal and travels back to ancient times, where he becomes the deific King of Mars and rules the Martian colony.

[S04E15 Sons of Mars] Sometime around the dawn of the twentieth century, the penguin form of Orgalorg opens a drinks manufacturing company called 'Gunto's' and becomes fairly wealthy thanks to its success.

It seems unlikely that an immortal penguin god would be able to adapt and blend in so well with modern society, but somehow Orgalorg manages to do so without raising too many eyebrows.

She and the other Elementals of the modern generation discover their powers and eventually find one another, although their powers are weak due to the rigidity of the Earth Dimension at this time.

[S08E08 Elemental] By this time, Patience is already making plans for an 'elemental purification spell' which she plans to use to re-establish the four elemental realms.

She briefly meets Finn and Jake on the streets of a city while they are travelling through time after escaping the Vanishing Point, and rants to them about her plan.

Since it was the gravity of the planet Earth which compressed him into his current weak form, he recognises that he must attempt to escape into space so that he can take his true form.

He is offered the chance to go to space but declines, and thanks to this decision he spots Orgalorg trying to steal the rocket and has him apprehended.

[Adventure Time #50] Note: Davey was alive before the war, meaning that if the Blue Comet struck at the same time as the war then Davey was actually a previous life of the Blue Comet rather than a future reincarnation of it.

Space travel develops significantly faster than in real life, to the point where humanity constructs a large functional base on the Moon before the Mushroom War.

[Adventure Time #60] In addition, a Mars rover (resembling the real life Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit) possibly discovers evidence of the Martian civilisation, pictured above.

[Sons of Mars title card] Magic has mostly died out by modern times, with the great heroes and wizards of old becoming nothing but myths and legends.

However, there still seems to be a vague awareness of the existence of magic and it is suggested that a number of people still believe in it: Simon Petrikov and Betty Grof are both post-graduate antiquarians studying ancient artifacts and their relation to magic at the University of Petrograd in Russia.

They meet each other in June in about the year 1990 CE, just before Betty was due to leave on a six month trip to study petroglyphs in the Australian outback.

Simon's research into the arcane leads him to discover the existence of GOLB, but he is hospitalised after Betty tries to throw him a jar of cherries and he doesn't get any further research done on the subject.

Suddenly, his head is filled with 'secrets of the ice and snow' as the crown continues to fulfil Gunther's wish from all those millions of years ago, and his transformation into a mad ice wizard begins.

While Betty is hiding around a corner, a portal suddenly appears beside her and a version of Simon from a thousand years in the future speaks to her through it.

Simon tells her that she disappeared after he wore the crown, and, realising why, she jumps through the portal and joins him in the future.

In her scrapbook, Marceline says that she doesn't know anything about him until they meet after the Great Mushroom War, but pictures of her as a child can be seen in his castle, suggesting her parents maintain some form of contact.

[S04E05 Return to the Nightosphere] It seems like Hunson leaves them on their own them at some point shortly before the war: Note: The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, Seeing Red, and other secondary sources published before the Stakes miniseries suggest that Marceline grew up with her father and was a vampire from birth.

The following are mentioned at various points throughout the series: The show also shares a lot of its music with real life, including pieces from classical musicians like Mozart and Beethoven as well as more modern music by artists like the Shirelles and Frank Loesser.

It massively increases Earth's elasticity, delivering magic back into the world, and is likely what leaves the distinctive crater in the Earth's surface.

Despite the near extinction of the human race, there are several survivors: Note: The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia states that Simon remained in hibernation for hundreds of years, but it is now known that he emerged immediately after the end of the war.

Hybrid creatures are able to be born, and a variety of extra-dimensional creatures begin to flood in through spontaneously formed portals.

Rainicorns enter the world and begin a tradition of hunting and eating the surviving humans, who become their main source of food.

Rainicorns are able to live off the sparse population thanks to the fact that they are capable of absorbing massive amounts of sustenance from a small amount of meat.

However, doing the relevant maths with this date would put the episode Simon & Marcy six years after the war, which doesn't make any sense.

Notes on the date of the war: Estimates for the real-life date of the war have varied anywhere from the 1970s to the 2040s, based on different sets of evidence.

Adventure Time began airing in 2010, which makes this a good estimation for the end of the war since it was probably intended to take place in the 'present day'.

A massive dip is seen shortly after the year 2000, and the peak is just over six billion people, which was the approximate world population in that decade.

Background artist Ghostshrimp stated in his podcast (Ghostshrimp & Friends 049) that he believes the Mushroom War is set in the crew's collective pasts, because that's what most of the creative input for the war is based on, without any set date in mind;

As previously discussed in the introduction, this timeline sets the Mushroom War to take place in 2010 CE for the purposes of assigning real life dates.

Note: The Blue Comet is probably the one that hits following the war because an object closely resembling it is seen missing the alternate version of Earth in Finn the Human.

Simon, who by this point is much further into his transformation into the Ice King, travels around the ruins of the city for a while and eventually comes across the five year old Marceline, abandoned and crying in the street.

[S04E25 I Remember You] Marceline appears to have been left there by her mother, who leaves a note for anyone who finds her: In his diary, Simon describes a sentient mist that corrupts and mutates any survivors who are exposed to it and 'hangs low like a London fog';

Note: Simon implies that Marceline is the first person he found, but his journal from Friends Forever and the fact that he knew about the refugee camp in the mall suggest that he met other dying survivors.

[The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook] One day, the two venture into an abandoned city to try to find 'chicken soup' to cure Marceline's fever.

They get pursued and cornered by oozers and Simon is forced to use the crown for self-defence, using his powerful ice magic to defeat them.

[S05E14 Simon & Marcy] Note: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook suggests that this takes place a few days after the end of the war, but it can actually be calculated to occur two years later: Marceline told the story to Finn and Jake two years before 1000 AMB, and the flashback card stated that it happened 996 years before then, meaning that this actually happened in 1000 - 2 - 996 = 2 AMB.

'Chicken soup' might be Simon's word for medicine which he uses to make Marceline feel less worried, which would explain why the 'food truck' they find resembles an ambulance.

However, in Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World and Season 11 #1 the chicken soup is explicitly mentioned, so this theory doesn't hold if those stories are considered canonical.

[Beginning of the End bonus chapter] After realising that he is not going to be able to look after Marceline for much longer, Simon seeks a way to contact her father, Hunson Abadeer.

He happens to come across a demon from the Nightosphere, who tells him that he was one of the creatures pulled through a portal to Earth following the war, and that his home dimension is the Nightosphere.

Simon's condition becomes so bad that he is hardly able to remember and write about the day's events, so Marceline takes over writing Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World, and renames it to Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook.

Simon and Marceline slowly and purposefully make their way to higher and higher ground, and for a while Marceline seems to enjoy the relative simplicity of her life.

Hunson and Simon briefly talk during their encounter, and Simon tells Hunson that the note left by Marceline's mother said he would know how to keep her safe.

He also leaves Marceline with photos of her mother, and information on how to open a portal to the Nightosphere so that she can eventually summon her father.

[S07E07 Everything Stays, The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook] Note: Marcy's scrapbook states that Simon only gave her two pictures of her mother, but in Ketchup she has an entire slideshow stored on an old USB drive.

After travelling on her own for a while, Marceline stalks two survivors who turn out to be thylacine werewolves named Remi and Rosella, who are proficient in the arcane arts.

She befriends them and they agree to help her summon her father, Hunson Abadeer, since they believe he can help them vanquish the tribe of vampires that threatens their pack.

Despite this, she knows that this is probably her only opportunity to get to know her father: Their relationship becomes somewhat stable after a day at an abandoned carnival, and Marceline believes she is beginning to understand her father's motives.

She inherits the Abadeer Axe, the weapon used by Hunson to take over the Nightosphere all those years ago: Note: The graphic novel Seeing Red suggests that Hunson turned the axe into a bass guitar when he gave it to Marceline.

Hunson says he wants to help the remaining werewolves with their vampire problem, so they track down the rest of the pack to a truck stop on Route 90.

In a repeat of his previous actions, he wipes out the entire werewolf pack and claims that he 'helped' them, since the vampires would have killed them anyway.

Having spent so much of her life dealing with complicated people like Simon and her father, Schwabl is a nice change of pace.

[The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook] At some point around this time, Marceline converts the Abadeer Axe into an electric bass guitar and learns to play it, although she is still able to proficiently wield it as a weapon as well.

This is probably caused by a combination of Simon establishing his realm of ice and some kind of magic-induced nuclear winter: Marceline stakes her first vampire, a simple minion who was trying to murder a sheep.

She realises that she is capable of using her demon soul-sucking ability to absorb his soul and his powers, and gains from him the ability to fly.

[S07E07 Everything Stays] Later, while trying to catch food, she accidentally lassos a young human girl wearing a bunny hat, who runs away from her.

She stalks her and discovers an entire tribe of survivors, who wear animal hats to protect their necks from vampire bites.

They initially run away from Marceline because of her sharp demon teeth and her ability to fly, but eventually come to trust her.

Marceline decides to take a personal journey away from the tribe to visit the city where Simon abandoned her, perhaps hoping to recapture the happier times of her life which she spent with him.

To her surprise, she meets a second tribe of humans there, including two children named Rock and Twiggy who are almost certainly young enough to have been born after the war.

They spend their time hiding from a member of the Vampire Court named the Moon, so Marceline stakes her and absorbs her soul and her self-healing powers, meaning that she can sustain serious injuries without being permanently harmed.

month later, back with the first tribe, Two Bread Tom tells Marceline that they will not be able to stay on the mainland even if she kills all the vampires because of changing atmospheric conditions and the incoming magical nuclear winter.

However, just as she is forcing her stake through his heart, he bites her neck and transforms her into a vampire herself.

while later, once the humans have established a sizeable colony, Jo (Marceline's friend), Two Bread Tom, and an islander named Michiko embark on an expedition to explore more of the island.

Jo gets abducted by a giant bird and carried to the other side of the island, and spends weeks making her way back again.

Tom decides that, to avoid losing anyone else, the islanders should construct a guardian to kill anything that tries to enter or leave the Islands.

When Jo returns, she disagrees with his plans to seal off the island, so she and a group of the other islanders rebel and split from the main group.

The animal hats originally worn by the tribe members to protect against vampire bites remain an important part of their culture and a symbol of their highly protective attitude.

The tribe leaders, including Two Bread Tom, become deified in the islanders' mythology as the legendary 'Founders', while Jo and the other splitters eventually become derogatorily known as 'hiders' who try to escape the Islands.

[S08E24 Hide and Seek, S08E25 Min and Marty] The humans also colonise two other islands in the chain: Hub Island, a major colony, and the unnamed island containing Better Reality, a VR game which allows many humans to retreat into a virtual world.

The word is possibly derived from Marceline's name for the mutated zombies, 'oozers', especially since Simon originally spelled it with three Os.

[S05E51 Lemonhope Part Two] It is not known what happens to the rest of the world, although it is implied that it has become mostly uninhabitable: The Music Hole believes she has been singing since the beginning of Ooo.

[S08E10 The Music Hole] Due to the increased elasticity of the world and the much greater capacity to perform magic, wizardry begins to become a valid profession once again.

Many of them seek to unlock the knowledge held by the magic users of the previous era of wizardry, often known as 'antediluvian magic'.

Despite the claim that his game mods are his greatest achievement, he also manages to do something far more noteworthy: he programs his entire consciousness into a computer program and survives the Mushroom War.

Following the war, Randall and his magnum opus proliferate through thousands of decaying machines and eventually meet a pre-war military program called the Omega Algorithm, whose purpose was to destroy whatever system it was installed on.

This new virus eventually infects a copy of the video game Super Guts Punch 3 which would one day fall into the hands of BMO.

Eventually, he begins suckling on a small candy tree and producing a strange liquid, which seems to keep him contented.

Evergreen's crown still doesn't allow Simon to die, so he has become a lonely and senile old man known as the Ice King, ruling over a small snowy region in the north of Ooo called the Ice Kingdom.

After stumbling across a family portrait in an abandoned gas station, Bonnibel decides to create her own family.

Gumbald cuts down the taffy trees, builds his own cabin, and establishes plans to build an entire city out of candy.

Tired of his niece's control issues, Gumbald devises a plan to depose Bonnibel by creating a potion called 'Dum Dum Juice' that will render her completely stupid and unable to meddle in his plans.

He creates Mr. Cream Puff as a love interest for Bonnibel to distract her, then double-crosses Molly and Chicle by testing the Dum Dum Juice on them, transforming them into the candy people who would later become known as Manfried and Crunchy.

Seeing how happy and carefree these new creations are, she decides to create more of the dumb and docile candy people by administering Dum Dum Juice to them as soon as they are created.

In further revenge for Gumbald's actions, Bubblegum steals his plans to construct a city from candy and runs with it herself, under the title of Princess.

[S10E04 Bonnibel Bubblegum] Unbeknownst to her, her subjects' original selves remain helplessly trapped within their new goofy façades for over eight hundred years to come.

[S10E14 Come Along With Me Part 2] She also locks the Mother Gum away in the dungeon of her new kingdom to keep them safe: Marceline wakes up from her long hibernation, and is still alive thanks to the fact that vampires don't age.

Marceline takes Bubblegum to her first punk show where someone spills food down her shirt, so Marceline buys her a new shirt from the merchandise counter to cover the stain.

Also, it is implied that Bubblegum didn't create the candy people or claim the title of princess until after she met Marceline, which is now known to be false as shown in Bonnibel Bubblegum.

Since Marceline and Finn and Jake met each other in opposite order, the Time Amulet is actually an example of a causal loop, or a bootstrap paradox, having manifested from nothing with no true origin.

Marceline and Bubblegum fall out after Bubblegum becomes too obsessed with politics and building her kingdom and isn't able to make time for her friend anymore.

[S03E10 What Was Missing, S07E02 Varmints, Adventure Time #25, Marceline Gone Adrift #4] It's likely that Marceline goes back into hibernation multiple times, which would explain why her mental age doesn't seem to be that much older than her apparent physical age, and why she is still upset with her father about the fry incident nearly a thousand years after it occurred.

[S02E01 It Came from the Nightosphere] She begins writing her angsty five hundred year journal at around this time, and also begins writing her annual hourly comics in 735 AMB.

When she is young, her parents apparently trade her right arm for a computer and then abandon her in a dojo, and she ends up becoming a freelance thief.

[Adventure Time #50] Around five hundred years after the Mushroom War, she is hired by the Bath Boy Gang to steal Princess Bubblegum's Blue Amulet, so she knocks herself out and gets taken into care within the walls of the fledgling Candy Kingdom, where she befriends Princess Bubblegum.

She helps her complete her secret project, the Gumball Guardians, powerful robots that are charged with protecting the Candy Kingdom from evil.

[Ghostshrimp & Friends 049, S05E34 The Vault] Despite the initial plan, Shoko becomes conflicted about completing the job after Bubblegum gifts her a new robotic arm.

Mutated and disfigured, but endowed with a new biological arm, Shoko crawls away and dies under the sapling of a willow tree.

The sapling would eventually grow into the mighty willow that becomes the Tree Fort, with Shoko's corpse and the stolen amulet embedded into its trunk.

She is largely feared by her subjects due to the fact that the story of the first candy people becomes warped and corrupted, framing Gumbald as the victim and Bonnibel as the enemy: This reputation is not helped by several questionable authoritarian actions taken by Bubblegum in the early years of her reign.

However, they are largely ineffective, so she invents a more serious police force, the aforementioned rattleballs: Bubblegum takes extreme action by having all of them executed, and reinstates the Banana Guard.

[S05E46 Rattleballs] In her controlling paranoia, Bubblegum also establishes mass surveillance networks in her kingdom to watch her citizens and track their every move, although it is not known when exactly she establishes these.

Bubblegum creates an electricity grid by harnessing the energy of the liquid produced by her brother Neddy, decontaminating the radioactive river in the process.

He survives for a thousand years beyond the Great Mushroom War, although by that point he claims that his skin is pretty much the only part of him that remains human.

One member of the royal family, who would later become known as 'Flame King', plots to take the Red Throne by murdering the impeding heirs until it is rightfully his.

A flame guard named Leroy assists in overthrowing seven different rulers to allow Flame King to eventually rise to power.

Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom, does her best to remain the de facto dictator of Ooo through a combination of excellent diplomacy and some other shadier dealings.

[S08E08 Elemental] Most kingdoms are ruled by a leader with the title 'princess', even though prior to the war this title was used only by female heirs.

[S10E04 Bonnibel Bubblegum] However, some kingdoms including Lumpy Space and the Fire Kingdom continue to use the title in the traditional sense, with the actual rulers being called kings and queens.

Most notoriously, he creates three plagues: His last act against the Martians is chaining them all together and driving over them with a school bus as a literal enactment of 'throwing them under the bus'.

Magic Man ends up living in Ooo in a small shack in the forest with his psychologically damaged hostage-pet, named Tiny Manticore, who develops Stockholm syndrome in his captivity.

After roaming the post-apocalyptic world for hundreds of years, the immortal penguin form of Orgalorg crosses the ocean to the Land of Ooo and ends up in the Ice Kingdom.

After spending nearly a thousand years gathering his power following the catalytic cataclysm that was the Great Mushroom War, the Lich makes his first attempt to end all life, and by proxy the Multiverse: The Lich loses one of his horns in the battle and becomes imprisoned in amber within the Great Candy Tree, where Bubblegum guards him to prevent his escape.

[S05E52 Billy's Bucket List, Beginning of the End bonus chapter] Bubblegum realises that her kingdom will fall apart if she dies, so she makes several attempts to create a backup leader.

[Adventure Time #24] The Earl of Lemongrab is an over-sensitive psychopathic creature who doesn't seem too pleased with the fact that he is alive, and he certainly isn't fit to rule the kingdom.

He meets a dog from the Crystal Dimension named Toronto who becomes his attorney and secretary, and together they gain a cult following by conning people into believing they are true royalty.

[S10E06 Ring of Fire, Banana Guard Academy #1] She graduates high school and immediately gets married to a rhino named Randy at the age of eighteen.

However, she abandons him just before their honeymoon: She becomes the captain of a pirate ship called La Femme du la Mer and loses an eye.

While on a voyage, she meets a boar named Daniel Prince and they briefly get married until she realises that his sob story was a ruse invented by her first mate Mr. Faidutti so that he could take the ship.

Upon returning to the mainland and giving up piracy, Tree Trunks invests her pirate treasure into establishing a large-scale shipping business which has strong ties with MO Co.

[S05E29 Sky Witch, Adventure Time #25] Finally tired of Ash's jerkiness, Marceline violently breaks up with him: Two star-crossed lovers, Warrior Princess and Clarence, find themselves on opposite sides of a battle for an abandoned wind farm.

Warrior Princess loses her mortal memories and becomes known as Ghost Princess, doomed to haunt the mortal plane until she can figure out how she died.

fantasy card game called Card Wars becomes popular, and an annual doubles tournament is held on an abandoned oil rig.

Almost every human on the island is killed by either the malfunctioning weather system or the giant wildlife, leaving Alva as the lone survivor.

[S08E22 Mysterious Island] Alva manages to befriend some of the wildlife, including a giant bear named Albert, and lives in a teched-out tree base for the next fifty years or so.

[S05E10 Little Dude] At some point, he becomes contained within the Mystery Dungeon, probably to prevent him from accidentally bringing things to life as he so constantly does after his release.

Others are captured by the 'seekers', genetically engineered super-humans who prevent people from leaving the Islands' shores and send captured hiders to re-education.

These implants are engineered by their mentor Doctor Gross, and they also serve the secret function of giving her complete authority over her seekers' actions without their permission.

Kara and the other children on the island are raised believing that the Islands are a utopia and that the rest of the world is completely filled with deadly monsters and diseases: LSP is born to her parents, Lumpy Space King and Queen.

She grows up to be a selfish brat along with most of her fake friends (including her 'BFF' Melissa) and her multiple temperamental boyfriends, with Brad being her most recent ex before the start of the show.

While she is still a baby, the Flame King hears a prophecy that her powers will be far greater than his own, and so has her cast out into the wilderness to perish for fear of being usurped.

After a destructive rampage through Ooo, she reaches the Candy Kingdom and is returned to the Fire Kingdom by Princess Bubblegum: Begrudgingly, the Flame King has his daughter imprisoned in a lantern for the next fourteen years of her life.

Two married talking dogs named Joshua and Margaret run a private investigation bureau in the ruins of an old human city.

Margaret is pregnant with their child, so they take on what seems like a danger-free case: They discover that the 'monster' burgling Tree Trunks' pies is actually just her husband Wyatt, which is probably one of the causes of their later divorce.

He tricks hiders into gathering on the beach for fake escape plans and then reports them to the seekers for capture, reaping reward from both sides.

Finn remains on the raft, surviving on breadsticks, and eventually washes up on the shores of Ooo, leaving him with an extreme fear of the ocean.

For Tree Trunks to have been captain of La Femme du la Mer at the time of Martin's escape, either she would have had to build and sell off her company in a matter of months, or Finn is significantly older than Jake, neither of which seem plausible.

[S08E20 The Invitation] She joins a tribe of 'hyoomans': humanoid fish creatures who live underground in an abandoned shopping mall called Beautopia, which could be the same mall where the human refugee camp existed following the war and where Marceline camped out before becoming a vampire hunter.

The hyoomans are evicted from their home by gaseous monsters known as lub glubs, and retreat to a bunker beneath the Candy Kingdom.

He drinks holy water to make himself immune to Kee-Oth's blood-sucking ability, so Kee-Oth sucks his own blood and uses it to forge a sword with which to escape.

[Adventure Time #13] This reboot might be the reason that BMO does not remember the details of his own creation, since the mind of a MO is wiped during the re-installation of system drivers.

Despite this, BMO retains emergency instructions detailing how to get back to the MO Factory should he ever need new core system drivers.

However, she creates a daughter named Gata, whose mouth contains a portal to the other dimension, and leaves her in Ooo so that she may one day return.

Later on, after Finn has also joined the family, Joshua closes the portal in his adopted daughter's mouth by using a magical item which turns her into a stone statue and erases her from the memories of everyone who knew about her.

[Adventure Time #48] In the future, a creature called Clock Bear escapes from Doctor Gross' menagerie and hides out in the attic of Joshua and Margaret's private investigation bureau.

This also allows the future versions of Finn and Jake to subtly interact with their dead parents, and future Jake witnesses his own unconventional birth.

[S10E08 The First Investigation] At some point, the family moves out of the investigation bureau in the city and into a large house atop a hill in the countryside.

Jermaine probably craves attention from his parents, which might explain why he's the one who would later stay and look after the house following their death.

Jake grows up believing that he gained his powers from rolling in a magic mud puddle and Finn grows up believing he was born from a cabbage.

[Adventure Time #41] Bubblegum creates a sugar ostrich which lays a delicate sentient egg once every ten years, leading to the rise of a society called the Fancy Egg Folk who live atop a mountain, safe from the perils of the outside world.

He is the son of Loghan and the grandson of Hobus, a family who have been fruitlessly waiting for the opportunity to court Princess Bubblegum following her breakup with Marceline and the death of Mr. Cream Puff, her previous love interests.

He gives up after a fruitless and expensive legal battle during which he loses his job, but promises to join the Banana Guard should the opportunity ever arise.

[Banana Guard Academy #1] Beginning in 995 AMB, a candy person named Starchy begins hosting a call-in radio show called the Graveyard Shift about supernatural stories and conspiracies from around the Land of Ooo.

It's possible that the collective imagination-magic of his listeners causes some of the supernatural made-up entities he talks about to actually manifest, such as the blank-eyed girls, an urban myth who begin being sighted around the Land of Ooo at the same time as the show begins.

He leaves his home to explore the world but with the ultimate goal of finding new ways to make his family even richer.

One day, he stumbles across a grove of highly valuable bloodberries and begins to pick them, not caring that they belong to a witch.

Chauncey mocks the witch for her habit of speaking in rhymes, for which she curses him with the same affliction and alters his body to look sillier.

horse who works in a bustling city chooses to quit his high paying job to explore the world and find his calling.

[S08E18 Horse and Ball] In 599 AMB, Princess Bubblegum establishes diplomatic ties with three kingdoms by helping them in various ways: She defeats some evil slug lords for the Sea Caves, prevents a molasses flood for the Mountain Pass, and saves the Spirit Hollow from the 'Plague of Royma'.

In return for Bubblegum's help, the kingdoms give her magical crystals which she uses as part of the Candy Kingdom's power network.

Following Bubblegum's most recent visit to the three kingdoms to recharge her magic crystals, the Sea Caves and the Mountain Pass steal several stones from the walls of the Spirit Hollow, and begin taking magical lights from around the kingdom.

[S08E26 Helpers, S08E22 Mysterious Island, S08E23 Imaginary Resources] Doctor Gross, who knows she is guilty of causing the deadly epidemic, flees the Islands in her mobile laboratory and travels to Ooo, where she continues experimenting on animals.

By making this statement, Finn accidentally makes an unbreakable oath in the name of Chronologius Rex, the 'lord of all-time', meaning that he will be punished if he ever breaks his promise to Jake.

It is not known when they start living their permanently, although it is probably sometime shortly after their parents' deaths.

[S03E25 Dad's Dungeon, S01E12 Evicted!] In the closing years of the wars in the Crystal Dimension, an enemy dog saves the life of a high-ranking flying saucer pilot named Bob Rainicorn.

They move into a house without realising it is built above an abandoned collapsing crystal mine left over from the wars.

[S02E12 Her Parents, Marcy & Simon #5] Bob and Ethel have a daughter named Lady Rainicorn, who begins dating Lee, a cynophobic activist who spends his time committing hate crimes against dogs.

[S10E10 Jake the Starchild, S05E23 One Last Job, President Bubblegum] He also becomes a high ranking Card Wars player and dates an equid named Moniker DeLuise for a short time, who teaches him to read Braille.

Finn and Jake bury them and begin living in the Tree Fort permanently, leaving their brother Jermaine to begrudgingly look after their dead parents' old house and keep at bay all the demons seeking to retrieve the possessions stolen from them by Joshua.

Finn and Jake become protectors of the Candy Kingdom and continue to have frequent clashes with the Ice King, who becomes their main enemy due to his unhealthy habit for kidnapping princesses.

[Adventure Time pilot] At some point, Finn obtains a golden sword which he names 'Scarlet', and he swallows a tiny computer that enables him to talk and sing in autotune.

Finn's fear of the ocean causes him to manifest a parasitic entity called the Fear Feaster who lives inside his belly button.

Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!, S01E06 The Jiggler, S01E16 Ocean of Fear] Recognising Finn's heroic potential after he saves her from falling from a tower, Princess Bubblegum sets him a quest to retrieve the Enchiridion from its hiding place on Mount Cragdor.

The only time Finn is ever seen reading it is to find a cure for his and Jake's injuries so that he can get rid of the clown nurses who Jake has hired.

[S01E05 The Enchiridion!, S03E23 Another Way, S04E07 In Your Footsteps] Some of Finn's other heroic deeds from this time include saving a Mountain Man from having to watch the rough-housing marauders, moving the Grand Hall of Wizardry out of the path of the asteroid, rescuing the Drop Ball ghost from the Temple of Zeldron, and saving Mushroom Village from the evil baby pigs.

[S01E10 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, S01E11 Wizard, S02E04 Blood Under the Skin, S02E13 The Pods] While rescuing the Mini Queen from a swamp giant, Finn and Jake stumble across Billy's sword Nothung which turns out to be the hidden entrance to Billy's Crack, the home of the retired hero.

Billy tries to convince Finn and Jake to become non-violent but after struggling with this for a while they ignore his advice, deciding that violence is sometimes the only solution.

[S01E12 Evicted!, S02E01 It Came from the Nightosphere] Despite the initial bumpy start to their friendship, Finn soon learns that Marceline is actually a decent person and only pretends to be evil to scare people like Finn and Jake.

[S01E22 Henchman, S02E26 Heat Signature] By this time, Marceline is still upset with her father for betraying her trust, killing the werewolves, and eating her fries.

Hunson is reunited with his daughter, possibly for the first time in a thousand years, but predictably he begins stealing the souls of every creature he can get his hands on.

While Jake enjoys his new life as an adventurer alongside Finn, he begins to find himself juggling the various aspects of his life.

When they visit the City of Thieves, Jake has to pretend to 'accidentally' steal a pair of boots to provide an excuse for the fact that he can't pass through the anti-thief barrier surrounding the king's tower, even though the actual reason is due to his criminal past.

He knows that he has a responsibility to look after Finn, but he often fails to fulfil that responsibility, such as when he allows Finn to be captured by the gnomes who live beneath the Tree Fort.

He is shown to put other people's lives ahead of his own, such as his refusal to murder Wildberry Princess even though he knew that the assassin Me-Mow would poison him if he didn't.

[S03E18 The New Frontier] Despite being a powerful state, the Candy Kingdom comes under considerable threat from a variety of problems, including two zombie outbreaks, a freezer burn flu epidemic, an attempted hyooman invasion, and a successful invasion by an evil stag.

One day, Finn and Jake meet a witch who traps Jake in her 'bottomless bottom' under the condition that Finn must bring her a lock of princess hair.

Some echo of his old self still desperately hopes for Betty to return to him, and as a result he is always trying to fill the void of his love life by kidnapping princesses, with Princess Bubblegum being his most frequent victim.

These plans include hypnotising Old Lady Princess, shaving his beard to pretend to be a different person, kidnapping Doctor Princess under the guise of Gunter's pregnancy, and cheating his way through Wizard Battle for the chance to kiss Princess Bubblegum.

The existence of tapes containing 'episodes' of a television show with the same name suggests that this might have been an actual show before the Great Mushroom War which Ice King is inexplicably connected to.

[S03E09 Fionna and Cake, S09E12 Fionna and Cake and Fionna, Beginning of the End #3, Ted Anderson's Tumblr, S05E08 Mystery Dungeon, S05E11 Bad Little Boy] Ice King sends some of his Fionna and Cake stories to a magazine called Ble, but upon visiting their offices and getting past the Pudding Troll, he discovers that all of the employees mysteriously died over five hundred years ago, and his submissions have just been lying in a heap by the front door.

[S10E09 Blenanas] Note: It's possible that the employees were already dead by the time the Pudding Troll was employed to guard the building, so the magazine might actually have ceased production before or during the Mushroom War.

This is further evidenced by the fact that Bletters to the Bleditor, a piece in the SDCC 2018 crew zine, makes reference to several real world pre-war locations, such as Las Vegas and London.

Ice King is largely neglectful towards Gunter which leads to Gunter stealing his demonic wishing eye and almost managing to use it to overrun the Candy Kingdom, hinting at his darker side.

[S02E11 The Chamber of Frozen Blades, S04E24 Reign of Gunters] By 996 AMB, Lumpy Space Princess is fourteen years old and fresh out of a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Brad, who has gone on to date her 'best friend' Melissa.

Though she appears to revel in the teenage drama of her home life, she recognises that most of the relationships she holds in Lumpy Space are unsubstantial or fake, and as a result she begins making frequent interdimensional trips to the Land of Ooo where she meets and somewhat befriends Finn and Jake.

After one particular argument, she is briefly adopted by a pack of wolves and then pretends to be a monster so that she can steal crops from a village.

Finn and Jake find her and manage to get her to reconcile with her parents, but she continues to live as a homeless person whenever she visits Ooo.

[S09E09 Skyhooks II, S04E12 Gotcha!] In 999 AMB when LSP is about eighteen years old, a Lumpy Space person named Johnny, who was LSP's lab partner in high school, travels to the Land of Ooo to make a business deal with Princess Bubblegum over the trade of bottled gas.

Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum has developed a 'time travel' bubble which is capable of saving and loading the exact state of anything which is placed inside it.

[S01E07 Ricardio the Heart Guy] Another of Finn's creations is the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, a creature from an unknown past war who Finn wishes into existence when he reaches the centre of the Labyrinth and claims his wish from Aquandrius.

[S06E11 Little Brother] While clearing out some tree stumps for Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake discover a hatch leading down into the cavern containing the hyoomans, the humanoid fish-people who Kara Strong lives with.

They successfully deliver fire back into the heart of the settlement, banishing the creatures who evicted Susan and her tribe, and Susan reveals to Finn that she has no gills, just like him.

However, Jake discovers his plan beforehand and decides to 'flip the script' and trick Finn into thinking that the murders really were real by disguising Lady Rainicorn as a murderous ghost.

In an attempt to stop Finn from destroying the kitchen every time he goes sleepwalking, Jake tries to use hypnosis to get into Finn's vault and figure out the root cause.

Finn has a flashback to his past life as Shoko and learns that her unfinished business was the fact that she never returned the stolen amulet to Princess Bubblegum.

After reconstruction, there isn't enough candy biomass to restore Bubblegum to her usual physical age, so she technically becomes thirteen years old;

However, the Earl unsurprisingly proves to be an awful ruler so Bubblegum uses donated candy biomass from her own citizens to re-age herself, and takes back the throne.

Finn and Jake get glimpses of Marceline's complex past, including her experience shortly following the war, the fry incident, and when she moved into the Tree Fort.

Ash is later arrested for fencing stolen property, impersonation, memory stealing, and 'being a general pain in the butt'.

[Marcy & Simon #1] Finn and Jake discover a holo-message player in their attic after their dead father's 'spirit sparkles' guide them there.

Jake tries to lift his spirits by finding him a new love interest his own age, and ends up travelling to the Fire Kingdom to try to convince Flame King to let Finn court his daughter;

They wait in queue to see the Lord of Evil for twenty-seven days and eight hours and eventually escape the Nightosphere via a portal in Hunson Abadeer's castle.

[S04E05 Return to the Nightosphere, S04E06 Daddy's Little Monster] Safely back at the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake learn what happened via videos that Jake took with his camera phone, and Finn decides to rescue Marceline from the amulet.

However, Goliad cannot learn how to be a good ruler, instead resorting to her mind control powers to keep the candy citizens in check.

To prevent her from taking over the kingdom, Bubblegum creates a new sphinx, but this time she uses Finn's DNA instead of her own.

The casual way in which she tampers with the life she creates hints at the paranoid need for control she previously expressed all the way back at the foundation of the kingdom;

[S04E10 Goliad, S10E04 Bonnibel Bubblegum] Bubblegum also demonstrates her need for control after Cookie takes several of her citizens hostage inside a convenience store and demands her crown.

It is also revealed that Bubblegum has implanted a GPS tracker in Finn's ear so she can monitor him as well, and she has implemented extensive surveillance beyond the jurisdiction of her own kingdom.

[S04E20 You Made Me, S04E19 Lady & Peebles, S06E22 The Cooler] Despite claiming undifferentiated love for all her subjects, this love appears to be superficial as Bubblegum shows little respect towards their individual freedoms, treating them as playthings rather than as people.

After Finn and Jake discover her cloning machine, it is revealed that she routinely clones her subjects whenever they get lost or 'die', often at the expense of the original.

Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!, S05E42 James, S06E35 Graybles 1000+] Her stubborn nature and her rejection of the concept of magic also put her at odds with the magical community of Wizard City.

She serves jail time in wizard prison for entering the city as a none magic user and arguing with the Grand Master Wizard, but she manages to break out.

[S05E26 Wizards Only, Fools] Several dangerous criminals suddenly escape from the Candy Kingdom's underground dungeons, so Princess Bubblegum has her allies explore the dungeon to find out what's going on.

Eventually, they discover that the Mother Gum, who has been locked up for centuries, has seeped into the structure of the dungeon and weakened the doors, allowing the prisoners to escape.

The explorers find themselves forced to fight the Mother Gum, and after the battle it is unable to remain bound as one entity.

Unfortunately he is crushed to death under the weight of the frozen bomb, and Evergreen's crown grieves its fallen master by plunging the world into an apocalyptic ice age.

Marceline never becomes a vampire and therefore ages into an old woman, but is kept alive for the next thousand years by her demon physiology.

Jake initially loses focus and almost wastes his wish to create a sandwich, but once he has befriended the Cosmic Entities, Prismo begins to guide him towards the wish that will save the Multiverse.

Jake is initially overprotective of their children and chooses to strictly follow his mother's childcare manual rather than allowing them to have their own freedom to explore and discover.

His protectiveness is especially pointless given that the pups mature at an extremely rapid rate and are effectively adults after just one day of life.

Although it will not become apparent for a while, the pups' unmatched magical powers and incredibly fast ageing process put them on the path towards becoming the dominant species in Ooo.

He begins living in the Rookery where he looks after his giant birds and becomes known amongst the people of Ooo as the rumoured 'Great Bird Man'.

[S05E13 The Great Bird Man] Over time, Finn begins to develop something of a selfish personality which probably stems from his absolute view of good and evil and his belief that he is an infallible hero.

This trait is first seen when Finn forces his own weird fantasies upon the little people secretly given to him by Magic Man, with disastrous consequences.

Finn takes her through a dungeon and uses it to convince her that she isn't evil, despite her father's intentions to the contrary.

However, the dungeon also begins to reveal that Finn and Flame Princess share different interests, and Finn begins to get hung up on a lot of what Jake calls 'imaginary problems' in their relationship.

He narrowly avoids falling into the maw of GOLB and emerges from the pillow fort back in the real world, restored to his young body.

Note: Pillow World is implied to be real in Marcy & Simon #5, but it remains unknown whether or not Finn actually remembers the life he lived there or if he just vaguely remembered that it was a place that existed.

fortune teller informs Flame Princess that she is going to suffer a loss in the future, referring to the fact that she was planning on stealing Finn's soul.

[Playing With Fire] Meanwhile, Finn seems to harbour a slight feeling of bitterness towards Princess Bubblegum for the way their relationship panned out, but he never entirely loses interest.

He expresses slight jealousy after learning that Braco is 'courting' the princess, even though he himself is dating Flame Princess at this time.

The Cosmic Owl is present, meaning they are prophetic dreams, and Jake convinces Finn that he needs to force himself to have the dream again so that he can hear the full prophecy.

She volunteers to take part in Princess Bubblegum's research into her 'elemental matrix' because she believes it will be able to cure her complex emotions, but the test is interrupted when Bubblegum has to go and help Finn and Jake deal with Gunter, who has used the Crown to rebel against Ice King.

[S05E32 Earth & Water] Flame Princess takes the title of King and has her father locked up in the same lantern as she was imprisoned in for the first fifteen years of her life.

He briefly crushes on Princess Bubblegum again but quickly realises that she is too mature for him, especially after learning that she is actually hundreds of years old, rather than nineteen as she has been telling him.

[S05E36 Dungeon Train, S05E37 Box Prince, S05E31 Too Old, S05E34 The Vault, S05E46 Rattleballs] While he is in this funk he also gets a poorly timed marriage proposal from Slime Princess, who needs a named husband in order to remain a legitimate heir to the throne to prevent her evil sister Blagertha from militarising the Slime Kingdom.

[S05E35 Love Games] After Flame Princess has been ruling for some time, her father secretly organises a deal with his old friend Don John the Flame Lord, who agrees to help him escape the lantern if he grants him his daughter's hand in marriage.

During the rescue he takes a blast of fire to the face, causing him to become 'fully baked' and gain a great deal of maturity.

Kee-Oth wants to keep Joshua prisoner in his home realm, the Broke-Up Dimension, as revenge for Joshua stealing his blood in the first place, and is disappointed when he finds out that Joshua is already dead and he has instead kidnapped his son.

He is also put off by Jake's passive attitude towards the whole situation, claiming that his father would have put up a better fight.

Finn brings a fake demon blood sword made of frozen grape juice (blessed by Shelby to give it the properties of holy water) and tricks Kee-Oth into absorbing it.

Modern mechanical vehicles like cars, underground trains, aeroplanes, and helicopters have seen a considerable rise in popularity, and the Candy Kingdom has developed a bustling down-town area complete with offices and a theatre district.

The decorpsinator serum is developed following the two zombie invasions, and the Spoon of Prosperity (an item with magical healing powers) is recovered from an ancient city which was turned to sand by an evil wizard named Paris.

She leads a small expedition into the desert to collect samples, saying she wants to begin colonising the area by the end of the year.

James sacrifices himself so that the others can escape and gets turned into an oozer, but Princess Bubblegum is able to use a piece of his flesh to clone a new version of him once they get back to the Candy Kingdom.

[S05E42 James] Later on, the new James fakes his own death by performing 'selfless acts' twenty four times in order to keep getting awarded medals and keep getting cloned, saying he likes his own company.

Wanting to prove that they really are heroes, all twenty five James clones leap onto the oozer and become amalgamated into one new entity.

[S06E03 James II, S09E10 Abstract] By the time of the series, Tree Trunks is living alone following her divorce from Wyatt, although she is also technically married to the grey aliens at this time.

One day she recruits Finn and Jake to try to work out who was stealing her apples, which leads them on a wild goose chase through the back streets of the Candy Kingdom until they are captured by a gang of criminals.

However, they rescue a pig (named Mr. Pig) from the gang while they are escaping, and later discover that Tree Trunks' apples were actually being stolen by birds due to the fact that Raggedy Princess was no longer acting as her scarecrow.

However, the event ends disastrously after Princess Bubblegum finds out that the officiator of the marriage will be none other than her hated rival, the self-proclaimed King of Ooo, who is still living the high life off the money Tree Trunks gave him after she sold her company.

Bubblegum desperately attempts to find something she can arrest him for by snooping around in his airship while he is officiating the wedding, even though had she attended the ceremony she would have discovered that the entire event was merely a front for getting Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig to sign up to work in his labour camp.

While messing around with his new sword in the dump, Finn meets Rattleballs, who has been hidden there ever since escaping his execution centuries earlier.

However, Finn feels that keeping Rattleballs' existence a secret would conflict with his oath to serve the princess, so he tells her about the hidden renegade.

Although he is confused, Ice King seems to understand how much the notes mean to Marceline, and although he remains ignorant of his past, this small moment of reconciliation enables Marceline to begin to open up to her friends about the trauma left by his departure.

secret society in Wizard City makes a deal with an evil interdimensional anti-magical creature named Belle Noche in an effort to unlock the secrets of antediluvian magic.

He decides that before he dies, he must attempt to say one final goodbye to Betty Grof, his fiancée who mysteriously disappeared all those years ago.

He runs into Ash and hijacks his flying carpet to fly back to the Ice Kingdom, where he retrieves his copy of Mystic Rituals and Their Space Time Applications, the academic book he co-authored with Betty, to find a way to open a portal to the past.

He manages to rig up a rudimentary portal opener using a bicycle generator and a cauldron, and calls Marceline for her help.

Simon tells her that she disappeared after he wore the crown, and, realising why, she jumps through the portal and joins him in the future.

After very rapidly being brought up to speed with current events, Betty rides the flying carpet back to Wizard City and flies it directly into the anti-magic, where she punches Belle Noche's lights out and restores magic to the city.

[S05E48 Betty] Seeing how he has been driven to insanity, Betty remains incognito and studies Simon from a distance, but still spends all her time trying to find a cure for his condition.

Princess Bubblegum's surveillance network spots him standing in her citizens' bedrooms at night, watching them from dark corners.

The Lemongrabs end up turning all of their food into new lemon citizens to live in their earldom, quickly driving their new people into a famine.

The earls decide that their best course of action is to invade the Candy Kingdom and pillage it for its food, so Lemonjon picks up the entire earldom and begins to march.

Lemongrab Number One grows fat and ever more powerful while Lemongrab Number Two becomes thin and decrepit, unable to counteract the increasingly tyrannical rule of his brother.

The rebellion of his people and the betrayal of his brother cause Fat Lemongrab to reduce his earldom to a totalitarian dictatorship where those who helped with the escape are punished, and those who try to escape for themselves are cannibalised.

Instead, he develops the same selfish attitude as his progenitors, eventually causing him to run away from the kingdom on a quest for true freedom.

[S05E51 Lemonhope Part Two] Bubblegum sews the remains of the two Lemongrabs into one new Lemongrab, recognising that being alone is his only stable relationship model, and puts him back in charge of the earldom, hoping that he will do better this time.

Lemongrab begins structuring the earldom into a slightly better place, and manages to find peace with himself after defeating the mysterious collective entity known as Matthew.

[S06E28 The Mountain] Finn meets Billy's ex-girlfriend Canyon, and together they decide to complete Billy's bucket list to honour the death of the great hero.

[S06E01 Wake Up] Once in the Citadel, the Lich begins to melt the crystal keeping him and the other prisoners in place, and a mass breakout of all the worst criminals in the Multiverse begins.

The spaceship pulls away into the void and Finn's entire arm is ripped off, leaving nothing but a stump with a small flower growing out of it.

Martin was actually merely a costume, and the 'spaceship' is actually the Candy Kingdom's fallout shelter, where Bubblegum took him after he fell unconscious.

large portion of the Candy Kingdom is accidentally demolished when the tower collapses, losing Finn a lot of trust amongst the candy people.

He tries to make out with as many princesses as possible (including Lumpy Space Princess) in an attempt to cheer his mood and save the wilting flower that grows from his stump, but none of it really helps.

Eventually he meets a virgin queen bee named Breezy, who falls in love with Finn's flower and becomes a true queen to save Finn from a group of thugs.

[S05E22 The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita] As previously discussed, his most notable friend during this time is Abracadaniel, who, despite their past rivalry during Wizard Battle, he befriends after they stay together at the Tree Fort.

[S03E08 Wizard Battle, S05E40 Play Date, S05E08 Mystery Dungeon, S05E10 Little Dude] All of this culminates in a road trip to a magical place called Big Butt Rock where they intend to form a new school of magic.

Abracadaniel hires a bus and departs along with Ice King, ASMoLG, Little Dude, a Wizard City shopkeeper named Ron James, a goblin wizard named Beau, a stranger named Giuseppe, and the water nymphs who live in the pond by the Tree Fort.

Giuseppe is lost after stepping off the bus to collect some crabapples, and the water nymphs bail on the trip after the bus gets stuck in a swamp.

The road trip cements the wizards' friendship and they form their own secret society named the Order of Giuseppe, with the crabapple tree as their symbol.

Finn and Jake pretend to steal her away and throw her into Lake Butterscotch wrapped in a carpet, leaving clues for the banana guards along the way.

[S06E08 Furniture & Meat, S06E10 Something Big] Maja's abused crabbit familiar is finally freed from servitude and pursues his dreams of becoming a dancer.

Commandant Banana Guard, the former captain, is envious of Root Beer Guy for taking his job and plots to sabotage him by deliberately failing all of the new recruits.

Peppermint Butler is able to repair the Multiverse after talking to the ghost of Root Beer Guy, but the reunified timeline inadvertently leads to a robot apocalypse for some reason.

[Banana Guard Academy #1 to #5] Five years later, in 1004 AMB, Peppermint Butler and the small group of remaining rebels journey to the Citadel of Temporal Attunement, where he is able to travel back in time and undo the apocalypse by preventing Princess Bubblegum from opening the Banana Guard to non-bananas.

He apparently makes no attempt to prevent the defeat of Lemongrab or the death of Root Beer Guy the second time around, preferring to let destiny run its course.

[Banana Guard Academy #6] Cherry Cream Soda, while in mourning for her lost husband, rebounds and ends up marrying the gravedigger and conspiracy theorist Starchy.

The plan uses a complicated mess of interlocking timelines in order to duplicate Finn and Jake and have one of the Jakes become his new host body.

[Finn & Jake Investigations] Despite his past recklessness, Jake begins to become more reflective and aware of his own mortality, especially given he has technically died at least twice already;

once when Abraham Lincoln mistakenly executed him, and once when BMO temporarily stopped his heart so he could enter a low level Dead World and kill a ghost fly.

She secretly has Ice King freeze the kingdom's core in order to trick Flame Princess into seeking her help to fix the problem.

Upon returning to the Candy Kingdom, she shuts down a large portion of her surveillance network in an attempt to amend for her actions.

[S06E22 The Cooler] Her past malevolence and the warped stories of the first candy people mean that many of her subjects continue to fear her.

As part of her efforts to become a better person, she takes time to focus on the things which make each of her individual subjects special in their own way.

The banana guards, who are under the presumption that any form of uniqueness will be quelled and punished, are terrified of the princess and literally worship her like a god.

So in an effort to dispel this fear she contracts Banana Guard 16, who has secretly been doing graffiti on the streets of the kingdom, to paint a mural in the castle's banquet hall.

After Martian missiles fail to divert the object, Glob flies into it to save Mars and put the comet back onto its correct course towards Earth, and appears to perish in the collision.

Since there is no way to turn them back, Wildberry Princess donates them to the Huge King, who lives in an underground cavern and is looking for servants to keep him fed.

His makeshift parachute platform is kept aloft by the heat from the Huge King's stove top, leading Bill to believe that the hole is bottomless.

He scratches his name into his platform so he doesn't forget it, but when he does forget his name he reads the writing upside down and renames himself 7718, or just Seven for short.

He keeps his health by drinking rain and eating walnuts that fall into the chimney from above, and he keeps his sanity (for the most part) by playing FreeCell.

But the spell used to keep the demon in place must be refreshed regularly by flipping a cassette tape, meaning Jermaine is just as trapped as his captive.

He constructs a ritual to inform his subjects that he has returned, but halfway through Gunter fights back into his own mind and puts a stop to it.

The election is apparently 'barely yet fully legal' despite the fact that the Candy Kingdom has traditionally been an autocracy ruled by nobody other than Princess Bubblegum, with very few exceptions.

Believing that this will help bring about the fall of the kingdom as depicted in Bubblegum's dream, Orgalorg decides to help the King of Ooo and becomes his campaign manager under the guise of 'Mr.

Princess Bubblegum, believing that there is no way she would ever lose given the electorate is comprised of her own creations, does not campaign, and instead spends her time continuing to study the Purple Comet.

Once in orbit they encounter Orgalorg, who, finally free of the Earth's imprisoning gravity, is able to take his true form and reveal his plan.

Finn's Grass Sword, which has been trapped inside his new arm ever since he received it, emerges and whips around inside Orgalorg's stomach, tearing him apart from the inside and freeing the Purple Catalyst Comet.

The remains of Orgalorg manage to grab onto the spacecraft as it is de-orbiting, and he becomes compressed during re-entry back into his usual harmless penguin form.

[S06E43 The Comet] While the King of Ooo's failure to deal with the comet and the kingdom's other problems lose him some trust amongst his new subjects, he remains in power for now.

However, Bubblegum finds herself having to intervene in royal affairs after Finn, Jake, Toronto, and the King of Ooo discover her dragon brother Neddy under the Great Tree during a treasure census.

After its production ceases, the King of Ooo recognises that the kingdom's collapse is imminent and plans to charge a high price for the remainder of the juice so that he can still make a profit out of the deteriorating situation.

She gives the banana guards outside his chamber secret permission to prevent the King of Ooo from ever entering again, and the kingdom is safe once more.

From the new lab which Bubblegum has constructed under Gumbald's shack, she is able to extract Marceline's vampire effluvium, effectively curing her vampirism and making her mortal.

Betty, now quite insane, travels back out into the world and uses her new powers and perspective to begin developing new plans for how to save Simon.

[S07E21 King's Ransom] When Marceline and Bubblegum visit the Ice King in an attempt by Marceline to put their shaky past behind them, they discover that he is having frequent spasms and spouting nonsensical words.

While inside the crown, they meet the preserved consciousnesses of the various souls previously lost to the crown: Evergreen's assistant Gunther the dinosaur, the original Santa Claus, Sveinn the Icelandic boy, and of course, Simon Petrikov.

Together they find a virus implanted into the circuitry by Betty, which is unsuccessfully attempting to undo the crown's wish magic without killing Ice King in the process.

He sees the love and compassion in the society of MOs who inhabit the factory and, in a jealous rage, uses knowledge from Moe's memories to hack them all and instruct them to do somersaults into the trash compactor.

[Adventure Time #27, S07E18 President Porpoise is Missing!, S10E02 Always BMO Closing] With the help of Banana Man, BMO eventually fulfils his creator's dying wish by sending his memory drive into space on board a rocket.

Prismo hires Finn and Jake from the prime Earth Dimension to travel to Farmworld and 'take care' of Ice Finn so that he can't help the Lich open the portal, and gives them a weapon called 'The Maid' with which to do so.

So when he meets Huntress Wizard and starts helping her track down the Spirit of the Forest, he keeps it quiet and suppresses the idea that he is helping her out of anything other than simple heroism.

Toronto attempts to scam the Fire Kingdom from her by having her lose a rap battle against teen prodigy Son of Rap Bear, but she is able to channel her feelings about her father into a verse which wins the battle.

[S08E05 I Am a Sword, S08E07 Normal Man] Within the gem of the Finn Sword, the alternate version of Finn is joined by some kind of grass demon who begins to take over the inside of the sword for himself, and wishes to escape.

He worries that he is uncaring and narrow sighted like his father after a pair of cursed eyes cause him to temporarily kill Neptr, and he is somewhat traumatised after spending months, if not years, trapped in his own mind in the Hall of Egress.

Princess Bubblegum gives Finn a new bionic arm which she has been working on ever since he lost it the first time, to replace the one taken by the grass clone.

The grass clone realises that in order to be fulfilled he needs to become his own person, so he comes up with a new name for himself and rides out into the world.

[S08E14 Two Swords, S08E15 Do No Harm] The Veritas Brigade, the 'secret' society who had some involvement in the election of the King of Ooo, was originally established by Starchy, the candy person gravedigger who hosts the radio call-in show The Graveyard Shift.

One of their members is Peace Master, a magician who detects significant dark magic within the Candy Kingdom and believes it to be the work of Princess Bubblegum, threatening her via the surveillance camera which she is using to watch their meeting.

[S06E15 Nemesis] It is following this and the brief lizard takeover of the Candy Kingdom that the Veritas Brigade becomes a much more political group who oppose Princess Bubblegum's autocratic rule and accuse her of being a fascist.

Tree Trunks, who is already on bad terms with Princess Bubblegum due to the outcome of her wedding, believes it to be a deliberate attack on her extraterrestrial family.

They come to a mutual agreement, and Tree Trunks' alien husband agrees to take the candy probes back to his own abandoned home planet where they will be able to thrive and grow.

They encounter several obstacles along the way, including a water dragon named Whipple who destroys their boat after BMO tells him he's annoying, and mind altering jellyfish who try to trick Jake into navigating into a poison reef by giving him hallucinations of his dead parents.

Finn encounters the malfunctioning weather system and some of the strange wildlife which wiped out the attempted human colony back in the day.

Finn and Jake realise that keeping Better Reality running is the best course of action, and with BMO's help they repair the hardware and allow the humans to return to their perfect virtual worlds.

Minerva is surprised to see how quickly her son is able to sway the other citizens, and takes drastic action by threatening to upload the entire population into the virtual world.

[Season 11 #5] Before their departure to the Islands, Finn and Jake investigate the theft of wire hangers throughout the Candy Kingdom and discover that the perpetrator is Ice King, who is making a chain out of them to retrieve some keys he dropped down a deep crack in his castle.

Bubblegum is able to improve the efficacy of her abilities by applying her knowledge of chemistry to produce new, more complicated sugar-based compounds, such as the explosive combination of soda and mints, after consulting with Chatsberry, one of her past lives.

But Patience, seeing the considerable magical power that Betty holds, freezes her and uses her to power her elemental purification spell.

ice in the north east, slime in the south east, fire in the south west, and candy in the north west.

While Jake initially thinks this might not be such a bad thing, they quickly realise that the people they meet are empty shadows of their former selves, unable to experience any emotion other than joy.

Princess Bubblegum reveals her new nature as the purified Candy Elemental and attempts to candify Finn and Jake, but they are fortunately rescued by Ice King, who uses the skyhooks as a grappling line to pull them up to the safety of his cloud.

While Patience regrets her decision to enact the spell, she is too apathetic towards the entire situation to actually bother trying to help them fix it.

Patience St Pim, watching her new home melt and candify, decides that her best option is to re-freeze herself and try again in another thousand years or so.

Meanwhile, Finn and LSP figure out how to activate LSP's anti-elemental powers, and with the help of the elemental jewels and Evergreen's crown she is able to save the whole of the Land of Ooo by turning it back to normal.

Jake is released from his assimilation with Slime Princess, but in the process he loses his yellow pigmentation and takes on a blue hue more accurate to his true heritage.

Finn, realising that he has been betrayed, discovers that his bionic arm comes with a myriad of additional features, including a rock drill which he uses to escape the chamber.

This acceptance is enough to return his body back to its ordinary yellow state, but Jake is still left with a lot of questions about his past and origins, having been deprived of this information by his parents.

[S09E10 Abstract, S06E16 Joshua & Margaret Investigations] Some time later, Kim Kil Whan asks Finn and Jake to investigate some strange happenings at one of the properties owned by his company: the former residence of Finn and Jake's family, Joshua and Margaret Investigations.

[S10E08 The First Investigation, S10E10 Jake the Starchild] As he has done with many of his previous children, Warren Ampersand tricks Jake into stretching while wearing a special belt so that he can siphon off his son's stretchy essence and extend his own lifespan at the expense of Jake's.

Old and near death, Warren tries to escape Nerraw and travel to Earth to find Jake's children and drain their power instead, but his spacecraft is grabbed by Jake, who throws him into the black hole orbiting the planet.

Even in this state, however, the three show a greater degree of leadership than most of the other candy people, and Princess Bubblegum appears to keep a close eye on them.

[Banana Guard Academy #4, S06E23 The Pajama War, S07E13 The Dark Cloud] Following the reversal of Patience St Pim's elemental spell by Lumpy Space Princess' anti-elemental influence, the effects of the Dum Dum juice from eight hundred years prior are also reversed.

Gumbald begins experimenting with creating candy based life, just like his niece Princess Bubblegum, and creates some monsters with which to gauge the strength of the modern Candy Kingdom and its allies.

However, Finn has been unable to slay any monsters since he killed Fern due to a paralysing sense of guilt which overcomes him every time he's about to deliver a finishing blow, and makes him see a reflection of Fern in the faces of his victims.

With Huntress Wizard's help, he is able to find a way to overcome this paralysis by projecting Fern's face upon those he is trying to save, rather than those he is trying to kill, and he slays the beast (which Huntress names 'the Grumbo').

[S10E01 The Wild Hunt, Season 11 #6] Gumbald's second anonymous attack occurs after BMO, while playing as a door-to-door salesperson along with the Ice King, sells a pouch of Finn's baby teeth to him in exchange for a silver goblet.

Bubblegum, after recognising the logo on the goblet and given the disappearance of the three candy people, puts two and two together and realises that her family must have returned.

Despite these precautions, the party is intruded by an individual calling himself the Green Knight, who rides on a mechanical horse and has mysterious shielding technology which Bubblegum is unable to counteract.

At Marceline's concert later that night, Chicle attempts to use their shaky relationship to his advantage and convinces a group of ghosts to beat up Hunson, but Marceline and her father escape with help from Finn and the Night Sword.

[S10E07 Marcy & Hunson] Gumbald floods the Land of Ooo using a copy of the Enchiridion from another dimension and attempts to frame Princess Bubblegum so that he can replace her as ruler of the Candy Kingdom, but this plan is foiled by Finn, Jake, BMO, and Marceline.

The conflict between the Candy Kingdom and Gumbaldia escalates into a full scale arms race, with both sides believing that the other is giving them no choice but to build up their armaments.

Princess Bubblegum, realising that the entire diplomatic mission was a botched attempt on her life, immediately mobilises her army, and the Great Gum War officially begins.

Jake pops the mysterious vial of nightmare juice given to them by Nightmare Princess on the boat trip back from the Islands, and the five of them fall unconscious and enter a shared dream.

Princess Bubblegum has let her kingdom and her people grow into something she no longer feels she can support, and Gumbald has been trapped, unable to assist her in any meaningful way.

Jake finds their shared vault buried deep within the fabric of the dream, and together they confront all their greatest fears.

Betty's new plan is revealed: she wants to harness GOLB's ability to revert things to their 'essential forms' in order to remove the curse of Evergreen's crown from Simon once and for all.

After all they've been through in the past few years, having rekindled their friendship and eventually their romance, Marceline can't bear the idea of losing her a second time.

She pummels the monster to pieces using her latent ability to summon the Dark Cloud, and upon discovering to her relief that Bubblegum was saved by her emergency force field, the pair share a kiss.

This surge of emotion travels down the jumper cables and awakens Maja from her coma, but her ability to harness sentimentality is overloaded by Betty's rage and she dies in a violent explosion.

[Season 11 #1, S10E15 Come Along With Me Part 3] Jake, shocked and alone, curls up into a ball in the wreckage of his home until he is found by BMO, whose faceplate was broken during the destruction of the Tree Fort but who is otherwise unharmed.

With the combined harmony and focussed magical intention of all of the kingdom's friends, the song begins to easily penetrate GOLB's previously indestructible skin, boring a hole all the way through to his stomach.

It is picked up by Gunter, and although Jake initially panics, thinking that Orgalorg is going to try to use it to do something evil, he instead wishes for something far more innocent.

A future version of Hunson Abadeer abducts Finn and Jake a thousand years into the future for help with his devious plan to erase Marceline's memories of Ooo, but his plan is foiled by Finn, Jake, Marceline, Bubblegum, and Simon.

[S10E16 Come Along With Me Part 4, Season 11 #5] At some point, Simon travels to the Time Room to try to wish Betty back into existence, but just like Magic Man before him, he discovers that not even wish magic can bring back someone who has been lost to GOLB.

[S06E38 You Forgot Your Floaties, S10E16 Come Along With Me Part 4] After a while, Marceline mostly moves out of her house and into the castle to live permanently with Princess Bubblegum now that their relationship is out in the open, taking up the offer which Bubblegum initially gave her following the defeat of the Vampire Court.

Several ships full of humans finally make the journey from the Islands to the mainland and establish a colony named 'Humantown', but their isolationist leader, Leader Malloy, establishes a policy stating that contact with the rest of Ooo and its 'mutant' inhabitants should be kept to a minimum.

However, the Martians revolt against their leader after he accidentally unearths and detonates a field of 'stank mines' from the Martian Independence Era which cause the colony to become uninhabitably smelly.

Lumpy Space Princess is crowned ruler of Lumpy Space, meaning that her parents have finally decided that she is responsible enough for the position, which finally earns her the respect of the other princesses of Ooo who previously accused her of not being a 'real' princess.

[Marcy & Simon #1, S10E16 Come Along With Me Part 4, S06E25 Astral Plane] Bubblegum tries to restore these memories by extracting them from the copy of Simon's consciousness stored in Evergreen's crown, but this is unsuccessful.

After some time spent searching, they obtain a portal gem from Normal Man, who has been collecting magical artifacts in his attempt to disperse the stink.

Finn and Jake manage to burrow out the bottom of the bag and by working together with everyone else they eventually defeat the Lich and defeat him once and for all by throwing him into the Sun.

Due to these divergent changes from the main storyline, some events of the main comic series must occupy a separate timeline to the show.

[Free Comic Book Day 2012, Adventure Time #1 to #4] Princess Bubblegum creates a time machine capable of transporting its user back to the moment at which it was first created, where the user will replace their past self.

The repaired time machine transports a duplicate of Finn and Jake's minds fifteen years into the future, where they replace the minds of their future selves.

[Adventure Time #6 to #7] Note: This event takes place in 997 AMB when Finn was thirteen because Finn states that he is twenty eight after they travel forwards fifteen years.

Finn, Jake and Bubblegum create a new time machine by vowing to spend the rest of their lives building a time machine and then sending it back to the point at which they made the vow.

After a detour through the pilot episode and the events of Adventure Time #1, Finn and Jake travel back to the present, where they destroy the first robots and erase the timeline.

[Adventure Time #11 to #14] Finn and Jake have several encounters with Magic Man over the course of the comics, where his mischievous schemes include stealing their voices, crashing Bubblegum's meeting with the Fancy Egg Folk, and stealing all the colour from the world.

[Adventure Time #31] In 1004 AMB, Finn suddenly forgets the previous five years of his life, and is suddenly five years older with no memory of the intervening time.

He travels back to the present day and is able to erase the timeline by making Mnemonoid be friends with LSP, an infinite source of gossip which is able to sustain him much more effectively than Finn's memories.

[Adventure Time #34] Before the King of Ooo's election and subsequent dethronement, the Candy Kingdom's secret service foils a plot by which he was planning to invade the Candy Kingdom with an army of bears.

She suddenly comes back into existence as their long time friend and sister, as if she had never been erased, but Finn and Jake still can't remember who she is.

She eventually sacrifices herself after realising that her continued presence could allow her evil mother to escape back into Ooo, and the world once again forgets she ever existed.

[Adventure Time #36 to #39 and #54 to #57] Finn and Jake foil a plot by the leader of the 27th Dead World as well, who wanted to collect the youth from Ooo's inhabitants in order to craft an elixir and return to life.

They attend the Best Princess Ever competition, go on a balloon race, defeat a small army of their own clones, and attend the wedding of two characters named Casey and IBB.

[Adventure Time #62 to #73 and #75] Assuming the journey goes well, Tree Trunks' alien husband arrives back on his home planet and releases Princess Bubblegum's candy probes.

She will apparently live into her nineties, although given the speed at which Jake has aged, this is probably referring to dog / rainicorn years rather than real years.

[S08E11 Daddy-Daughter Card Wars] While stuck at the Vanishing Point, Finn is granted three premonitions of three possible outcomes to his life: Note: The writer of Beginning of the End, Ted Anderson, has stated on his Tumblr that none of these outcomes are intended to be taken as canon, and he has no preference between the three.

The main evidence that the two shows are set in the same continuity is an image that was shown for a single frame during Chris' premonition in the episode Ultra Wankershim, which shows planet Earth with a large chunk missing, just like the Earth in Adventure Time.

As well as helping Finn defeat the Cosmic Elementals as previously mentioned, she also discovers the Blue and Red Amulets in a chest in the dungeon built by Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum, and explores Princess Bubblegum's ruined library looking for help to fight the 'awful offal abominations'.

Most of the candy people appear to be held in stasis on board the Prize Ball Guardian, an immense robotic replacement for the Gumball Guardians who were destroyed during the second coming of GOLB.

Simon is probably dead, given he was turned back into a normal human, although it's possible that Betty's wish to keep him safe extends his lifespan.

This means that the unknown individual holding the telescope could be Marceline, which is further evidenced by the symbol on the telescope which somewhat resembles her initials, 'MA', and the fact that the individual rides the duck creature previously seen in Marceline's debut episode.

[Steve Wolfhard's Tumblr, S01E12 Evicted!, S10E13 Come Along With Me Part 1] The hybrid descendants of Jake and Lady Rainicorn become a dominant race known as 'pups' due to how quickly they are able to breed and grow up.

They build a city, possibly alongside the humans from the Islands, and reinvent advanced space travel, connecting Earth with other space-capable civilisations including the grey aliens.

[S10E13 Come Along With Me Part 1] Beth, whose former full title is Princess Betony Burrito Jakson IV, runs away from her kingdom to avoid having her powers extinguished by Gibbon, and remains a fugitive.

[S10E13 Come Along With Me Part 1] On a planet far from Earth, a baby alien called Cuber gets lost in a cave and is threatened by a vicious dog-like creature.

Some of the past events of Ooo become preserved as short stories known as graybles, which are used by Cuber later in his life for entertainment and utility.

He steals one of his assailant's ships, and is able to climb back into space and safely return to his own ship, apparently unaware of how much he had just destroyed.

[Beginning of the End bonus chapter] Note: Even though this arc officially takes place a thousand years in the future, it was intended by the writers to take place ten thousand years in the future to avoid conflicting with the finale's future.

So he employs three memory-stealing creatures to disguise themselves as her faithful robotic servants known as 'The Three' and begin siphoning off her memories.

Hunson Abadeer takes more and more drastic action to uncover and remove Marceline's memories, like trying to trigger them via the discovery of old artifacts.

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