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A Formal Definition of Operational BusinessDecision

Then a decision can be defined as a solution for such problem that is an assignment of values to all unknown decision variables, { Xi=vis, Xj=vjt, …}, that satisfies all the rules from R.   There can be multiple alternative decisions for the problem.

guess some people will be really confused that a decision is an assignment of values to variables, but it is exactly what a solution to the described above problem is.

It makes a problem resolution mechanism much simpler and potentially leads to an “automatically generated system” based on a deterministic problem definition whether it uses rules defined in DMN or in SBVR.

In 2011 I published the above definition along with an implementation approach [2] when an off-the-shelf constraint solver is used as a rule engine to automatically solve a business problem limited to the business rules defined in accordance with the TDM methodology [4].

In 2016 [3] I extended this approach to DMN [1] but pointed out that we can solve automatically only the problems defined by a DMN subset (such as TDM) but additional research is needed for problems that use aggregations, loops, and other complex DMN constructs.