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Department of Informatics Engineering

The Informatics Engineering Department -�DEI, �started its activities on the 1st of January 2008 with a teaching body of 38 staff members involved in scientific and technical subjects included in the 'Bodies of Knowledge' in the curricula of ACM and IEEE.Nowadays the department is formed by a body of four administrative and 55 teaching staff members, 35 of whom PhD holders who develop their activities on the following subareas: Members of�DEI are lecturing in the following courses: Members of DEI develop their R&D activities in the following DEI laboratories: �

Modelling human emotion in interactive environments: Physiological ensemble and grounded approaches for synthetic agents

Abstract: With the rising research in emotionally believable agents, several advances in agent technology have been made, ranging from interactive virtual agents to emotional mechanism simulations and emotional agent architectures.

It has been proposed that being able to accurately model human emotion would allow agents to mimic human behaviour while these models are studied to create more accurate theoretical models.

The proposed method employs a three-layered classification process to model the arousal and valence (i.e., hedonic) emotional components, based on four selected psychophysiological metrics.

The modelled emotional states by both approaches compared favourably with a manual approach following the current best practices reported in the literature while also improving on its predictive ability.

Modeling Intelligent Agents to Integrate a Patient Monitoring System

The need to detect the presence or absence of the patient in bed, in order to stop the collection of redundant data concerning about the patient vital status led to the development of an RFID locating and monitoring system - PaLMS, able to uniquely and unambiguously identify a patient and perceive its presence in bed in an ubiquitous manner, making the process of data collection and alert event more accurate.

academic project XNA framework demo 2

Simulação de gravidade, disparo de projéctil, rotação e translacção 3d. -------- gravity simulation, fire a ball from tank, translation and rotation in 3 dimensional ...

Lisbon Film Orchestra Live In Parque Mayer An evening at the cinema

Lisbon Film Orchestra Live In Parque Mayer: 11.10.09 An evening at the cinema (Harry Potter, AI and The Patriot) Composer: John Williams.

Life as it could be - Virtual Creatures

This video is the result of a work to the class of Evolutionary Computation in University of Coimbra. The work was based on the work of Karl Sims, with these ...

03 / 2018 - Ai Mouraria (Piano)

A Mouraria é um dos mais tradicionais bairros da cidade de Lisboa, que deve o seu nome ao fato de D. Afonso Henriques, após a conquista de Lisboa, ...

Eléctrico de Lisboa!

A bordo de um eléctrico de Lisboa.


One Day Eventos agora é Prisma HUB | O evento trás uma grande oportunidade de networking com diferentes estágios do mercado de big data, data science, ...