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12 innovations that will revolutionize the future of medicine

In most nations, premature births—at or before 37 weeks—have risen in the past 20 years.

But unlike other NICU music programs, this novel project features three specific songs, which babies listen to through special headphones made for tiny, fragile heads.

The songs are part of an ongoing study that aims to understand how music affects a preterm newborn’s brain and how well it can recognize melody, tempo, and pitch—skills likely related to language processing.

Mandate Letter Tracker: Delivering results for Canadians

Reduction in Canada's greenhouse gas emissions and progress to Canada's 2030 emission reduction targets as committed to in the Paris Agreement, ensuring that a cleaner, more sustainable world is left for children and generations to come.

Supported by federal investments in Budgets 2016 and 2017, the PCF will decrease emissions and air pollution, advance technology innovation and increase resilience across the broad range of impacts of climate change.

The Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act establishes the framework for the federal carbon-pollution pricing system that applies in jurisdictions that request it or that do not have a carbon pollution pricing system in place that meets the federal benchmark stringency requirements.

In December 2018, Canada published two regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions by accelerating the phase-out of coal-fired power by 2030, and setting emission performance standards for new natural gas-fired electricity generation and coal boilers converted to run on natural gas.

The $500 million Challenge is providing $450 million to eligible projects from applicants such as provinces and territories, municipalities, Indigenous communities and organizations, business and not-for profit organizations, and $50 million to support smaller communities, small and medium sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and Indigenous communities and organizations.

The Clean Fuel Standard will complement other key Government of Canada climate policies, such as carbon pollution pricing, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the lifecycle of fuels and by driving investments in cleaner fuels and in clean technology in Canada.

The government also launched the Climate Action Fund in August 2018, providing up to $3 million in grants and contributions for projects that increase action and awareness on climate change and climate change initiatives.

The report provides recommendations to assist Canadians and communities affected by the phase-out of traditional coal-fired electricity The Task Force will help lay the foundation for a just transition away from traditional coal electricity, eliminating 12.8 million tonnes of carbon pollution from the atmosphere in 2030.

In March 2019, the Advisory Council on Climate Action submitted an interim report with recommendations to further reduce emissions from the transportation sector, including via support for zero emissions vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

expanding the network of zero-emission vehicle charging and refueling stations to workplaces, public parking spots, commercial and multi-unit residential buildings, and remote locations •

encouraging more Canadians to buy zero-emission vehicles by providing $300 million over three years to introduce a new federal purchase incentive of up to $5,000 for battery electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are under specific retail prices.

Community EcoEfficiency Acceleration ($300 million) for municipal initiatives to support home energy efficiency retrofits through which homeowners could qualify for assistance in replacing furnaces and installing renewable energy technologies •

The not-for-profit institute will generate, communicate and mobilize independent and trusted information, policy, advice, and best practices to Canadians, governments, and stakeholders, supported by credible and inclusive research, analysis, and engagement with experts.

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