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Introduction to Intelligent Automation - A Strategy Based on RPA, BPM and AI

During this expert panel discussion, our featured speakers aim to build awareness and interest in 'intelligent automation' – a strategy based on a combination of ...

Appian World 2018: Automated Customer Service with Appian, Blue Prism, Amazon AI and Alexa

SPEAKERS: Pramod Sachdeva, Founder and Managing Director, Princeton Blue Mike James, Principal Consultant, Princeton Blue Automated Customer ...

The Spectrum of Intelligent Automation for Government

KPMG's Kirke Everson discusses the various types of intelligent automation and how government is and can leverage the technologies to streamline operations.

Intelligent Automation: The smart choice for the public sector

Government Intelligent Automation lead, Kirke Everson, discusses government challenges and the benefits agencies can realize through intelligent automation.

Government Intelligent Automation

Kirke Everson, Government Intelligent Automation Lead, shares how Intelligent Automation benefits government agencies.

KPMG Financial Institutions Reporting Engine

Using advancements in automation and artificial intelligence technologies, KPMG has developed KPMG Financial Institutions Reporting Engine, an automated ...

Mihir Shukla, Automation Anywhere | Automation Anywhere Imagine 2018

Mihir Shukla, CEO & Cofounder, Automation Anywhere sits down with Jeff Frick at Automaton Anywhere Imagine 2018 in NYC.

Understanding the Power of Digital Process Automation

Many organizations are stuck with a portfolio of legacy technologies and complex business processes that slow them down. They need a comprehensive ...

'Ethics of AI' Panel Discussion Full Video - SODA Social

We've seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself.

Banking Trends: Capitalizing on Data-Driven Disruption

Bankers today have a wealth of data—transactional, behavioral and account level data—that combined can drive insight to deliver new customer-centric ...