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BBC Interview with Roozbeh Aliabadi

CrossTalk: Trump targets Iran

Objectively speaking, what is called the Iran nuclear deal is a milestone for non-proliferation and diplomacy. According to the International Atomic Energy ...

Roozbeh Aliabadi: G20 highlights the process of Easternization.

Roozbeh Aliabadi Discusses the process of Easternization that has been highlighted at G20. Aliabadi believes G20 does not mark the end of US leadership in ...

US-Iran Relations (Challenges and Opportunities)

Despite inflated hopes of the nuclear deal or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) significant challenges and deep mistrust remain between Tehran ...

Shougang Group, Executive Presentation Part 3, by Roozbeh Aliabadi

Roozbeh Aliabadi's presentation to executives of Shougang Group, one of China's largest steel companies based in Beijing.