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Arms are types of jointed robot manipulator that allow robots to interact with their environment.

Many have onboard controllers or translators to simplify communication, though they may be controlled directly or in any number of ways.

Cylindrical arms have any number of joints that operate on a cylindrical axis, normally rotating about one fixed rod.

SCARA robots have two parallel rotary joints to allow full movement throughout a plane, typically for pick-and-place work.

Parallel robots have three concurrent prismatic or rotary joints, and allow for tilting of heavy or sensitive platforms.

Repetitive autonomous robots perform one task repeatedly based upon predetermined movements and specifically located objects.

If object orientation or position is unknown, arms are often paired with machine vision and artificial intelligence to identify the object and subsequently control the arm.

– Given as a best case with modifiers based upon movement speed and position from optimal within the envelope. Repeatability

Control – For certain applications, arms may only need to move to certain points in the working space.

There is a large variance in complexity, ranging from flush mounted, non-moving parts (magnets or sticky pads) to multi-jointed, multi-sensor parts with various inputs and outputs.

2006 Japanese report shows that 60% of robotic arm installations were for articulated robots, 22% were for gantry, 13% were SCARA, and 4% were Cylindrical.

The automobile industry has the highest concentration of industrial robots with nearly 1 robot per 10 people.

Their prototype arm uses ten of these cord systems with two motors attached to each (the second acts as a failsafe for increased safety).

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