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Understanding the various views of mobility stakeholders in the light of emerging technologies, increasing ecological challenges and a substantial change of social mobility behaviour is the fundament for his application-oriented research within the guide rails of holistic system thinking.

Before taking over responsibility in academia in 2003, Fritz Busch spent 13 years at Siemens ITS, with his last 4-years position being member of the business unit’s board and vice president for international products and systems marketing of intelligent transport systems, and before that being responsible for Siemens’ industrial research in traffic control and advanced traffic management.

Before this, he worked 4 years as a consulting engineer in the transportation and automotive field, being in charge of traffic signal control solutions for cities and later for system architectures work within the European milestone project on automotive research, PROMETHEUS.


Webots is a free and open-source 3D robot simulator used in industry, education and research.

Webots includes a large collection of freely modifiable models of robots, sensors, actuators and objects.

The graphical properties include the shape, dimensions, position and orientation, colors, and texture of the object.

The ODE library allows one to accurately simulate physical properties of objects such as velocity, inertia and friction.

lidars, radars, proximity sensors, light sensors, touch sensors, GPS, accelerometers, cameras, emitters and receivers, servo motors (rotational &

Users can interact with a running simulation at any time, i.e., it is possible to move the robots and other object with the mouse while the simulation is running.

Since August 18, 2017, the website has offered free access to a series of robotics benchmarks based on Webots simulations through the Webots web interface.