AI News, Robot skiers tackle Olympic challenge in South Korea

Robot skiers tackle Olympic challenge in South Korea

While their human counterparts were suffering the frustration of seeing events cancelled in Pyeongchang because of adverse weather, their mechanical counterparts had no such problem.

“Robots are doing fine here.” The rules of the contest stipulated that the robots had to be more than 50cm in height, be able to stand on their own two legs, have independent power systems, use skis and poles, and have joints that allowed them to bend their knees and elbows.


Perhaps you’ve been keeping up to date with Team GB via Olympics coverage (or are cheering on other nations).

5 carried a torch whilst breaking down a brick wall (presumably symbolic of barriers being broken between humanity and technology).

teams from universities, institutes and private companies raced down a beginner ski slope as their human counterparts in Pyeongchang waited for wind conditions to settle before being able to compete.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have also been spotted cleaning the main press centre in Pyeonchang alongside humans using traditional vacuum cleaners.

I asked my 7 year old what he thinks about robots performing with humans at the opening ceremony and he thought it was ‘cool.’

Whether they’re cleaning buildings or flying down ski slopes, I think we’ll be seeing more of our robot colleagues at worldwide events in the future.

Eight robotics teams from South Korean tech companies and universities gathered in Hoengseong County on Monday to compete for $10,000 at Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge, the world's first ever robot ski tournament.

#engineering #robotics In addition to the ski tournament, the PyeongChang 2018 committee will display robots at the Olympic stadiums, event venues, and main media center during the games.

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(Video courtesy of and copyright NASA).