AI News, Robot Octopus Shows Off New Sculls

Robot Octopus Shows Off New Sculls

They've adopted a particular swimming gait called sculling, which works great for them, but until they start publishing scientific papers, we're missing out on all of their gait testing data.

There are still some important bits missing, though: in addition to the pump jet motor that serves as an octopus' primary method of propulsion, real octopi also have a web that connects the bases of the tentacles to each other.

Future research on this project will start taking a look at what effect the web has on propulsion, and how actively controlled, multi-joint arms can be used to come up with even more gaits.

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my failed Project, simple robot mirror wall climbing.mp4

beginilah .... gak semua project yg direncanakan selalu berhasil di awal, tapi ini hanya sebuah awal nilai akhirlah yg menentukan setiap hal di hidup kita.

Swimming Robot - Test