AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Robot Hand Beats You at Rock, Paper, Scissors 100% Of The Time

Robot Hand Beats You at Rock, Paper, Scissors 100% Of The Time

It only takes a single millisecond for the robot to recognize what shape your hand is in, and just a few more for it to make the shape that beats you, but it all happens so fast that it's more or less impossible to tell that the robot is waiting until you commit yourself before it makes its move, allowing it to win 100% of the time.

High-Speed Robot Hand

Ishikawa Komuro Lab's high-speed robot hand performing impressive acts of dexterity and skillful manipulation. For more information, see --

High Speed Robotic Hands

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Fast Robotic Assembly of CPU and Memory Modules on a Circuit Board

The KR 3 AGILUS is one of KUKA's newest robots. Fast, agile and flexible it can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including sensitive assembly in the electronics industry. In this example...

Stiller Studios, Love High Speed and Mr Moco Bolt - Behind The Scenes

MrMoco Rentals, Stiller Studios, Love High Speed - Behind The Scenes Behind the scenes.

Lightweight High-Speed Multifingered Hand System

Dynamic grasping using a newly developed high-speed hand system and high-speed vision is proposed. In the high-speed hand system, a newly designed actuator provides the finger with excellent...

High-speed multifingered hand (UT/HDS hand)

Dynamic Pen Spinning Using a High-speed Multifingered Hand with High-speed Tactile Sensor (Slow)

We propose a tactile feedback system in real time using a high-speed multifingered robot hand and a high-speed tactile sensor. The hand and the sensor are capable of high-speed finger motion...

Dynamic Regrasping Using a High-speed Multifingered Hand and a High-speed Vision System (Rotation)

In most previous studies, it has been difficult for a robot hand to regrasp a target quickly because its motion was static or quasi-static with keeping contact state. In order to achieve high-speed...

Human Cooperative Task with Multiple Degree of Freedom Using a High-speed Hand System

We demonstrated a human–cooperative task multiple degree of freedom using high-speed hand and high-speed camera. In details, we have constructed the system in which robots and humans maintain...

Motion control system applied on a robotic arm – Part 1

When industrial automation begins to incorporate open source hardware solutions, like those provided by Industrial Shields, a new range of possibilities open up. RS Components, together with...