AI News, Robot Creates Beautiful Light Paintings

Robot Creates Beautiful Light Paintings

I don't know exactly who was the first person to figure out that robots could be used for long-exposure light painting (although it may have been the guy linked to from here), but it's something that I've dabbled in for science, as have many others.

Mariane Brodier created all of the images shown here by pre-programming motions, cycling the LEDs through color changes, and then letting the robot go nuts in a dark room while pointing a camera at it with the shutter open for a minute or two.

For this sequence, I was inspired by the Tangram, a Chinese puzzle that comes from splitting a square into 7 basic parts: five triangles, a square and a parallelogram.

Program with Colors.

Programming Ozobot is not just simple and fun, it's fit to inspire - even for a young child.

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AI evolves to compose 3 hours of jazz!

3 hours of Computery's music: The training data was all composed by Doug McKenzie at Here's some of those.

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just for fun. here are my other projects... ... and here's the Color Sound Machine:

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