AI News, RoboGames Starts Today!

RoboGames Starts Today!

Robots will be competing in approximately five million different events, ranging from heavyweight combat to micromouse maze solving to autonomous firefighting to hardcore Mech Warfare.Oh, and there will be a symposium, too, and you really shouldn't miss that, especially if you like watching certain robot bloggers act all nervous and awkward-like while attempting to give a talk.

We'll be trying to get around all the different events as best as we can, but our focus will be two different areas: Mech Warfare (including the new hardcore class in their fancy new arena), and autonomous events.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for kids at the door (active military and dependents get in free), and this year's venue is the San Mateo expo center.

Video Friday: Robotics for Happiness, Drone Films, and Jeff Bezos's Robot Suit

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers.

WRS ] The 2017 NYC Drone FilmFestival took place earlier this month, and it’s worth checking out thewinnersin nearly a dozen categories.

Caleb Harper via The Verge ] Waymo, the self-driving car company spun out of Google/Alphabet, has posted a videothis week of what it says is the“world’s first fully self-driving ride on public roads.” The ride took place in Austin, with one passenger on board and no safety driver.

Steve experienced the world’s first fully self-driving ride on public roads, navigating through everyday traffic with no steering wheel, no pedals, and no test driver.

The Wyss Institute, in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, is developing a wearable, non-invasive device that could sense anaphylaxis and automatically inject epinephrine in individuals who are unable to do so themselves;

Three tasks are solved simultanously in the same arena: 1) landing a MAV on a moving vehicle, 2) approaching a panel, grasping a wrench, and turning a valve stem, 3) collecting objects and transporting them to a target zone with three MAVs.

DJI ] Teleport yourself into a four-legged robot and walk around an industrial complex with this 360o video featuring ETH’s ANYmal (fast forward to 2:20 for quadruped FPV).

National Robotics Week 2018 Events Thank you to everyone who hosted, promoted, and participated in National Robotics Week 2017! With your continuing help, we had over 300 events for Robo Week. The ninth annual National Robotics Week will be held April 7-15, 2018 and promises to be even bigger! Submit your own event! 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Like National Robotics week on Facebook and post or view them there! var eventsData = []; eventsData.push({ host: "FIRST Robotics Competition ", lat: 33.649411, lng: -117.846964, name: "Orange County Regional", uid: "A9E0254F88ED46F1A41B3B3DC30CAB4A" }); eventsData.push({ host: "FIRST Robotics Competition ", lat: 37.3350794, lng: -121.8807548, name: "Silicon Valley Regional ", uid: "A79EA063537C45BEBF3B470A6F638D53" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Rolling Robots", lat: 34.1232156, lng: -118.2547419, name: "VEX Robotics Building", uid: "1AC128EF905F4CF3BAF187839DE0AFCA" }); eventsData.push({ host: "RoboFest", lat: 37.3950422, lng: -121.9784218, name: "SantaClara_FutureLeague_CA", uid: "1FAE39F94D804DE5A0CC22FBF659A681" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Robotix Institute", lat: 34.1010934, lng: -118.0730935, name: "Robotics\u0026Game Coding Workshop", uid: "340BDD8B5BDF4651A9A9E4655C14785A" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Benicia Makerspace", lat: 38.0689552, lng: -122.1725833, name: "Benicia Mini Maker Faire 2017", uid: "22325993C32B4E89A927B77DD4D617C4" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Shared Science", lat: 33.8326609, lng: -118.1354815, name: "RoboTech Fest LBC", uid: "73670026088E44E68ADA32608E76E868" }); eventsData.push({ host: "USC Viterbi School of Engineering VAST: Viterbi Adopt-a-School, Adopt-a-Teacher", lat: 34.0201367, lng: -118.2899592, name: "USC Viterbi Robotics Open House April 7, 2017", uid: "BE1EE0760CA04B42865E7C8DEA3CBCDF" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Ihuoma Iheukwumere", lat: 37.7768188, lng: -122.4117812, name: "Kid Friendly Robotic Exploration", uid: "6E941BDAE46344C792E8AACFE76D2DEF" }); eventsData.push({ host: "RSSC", lat: 33.7836857, lng: -118.1084524, name: "Robotics Society of Southern California", uid: "F084162DBEE24BFEB75F09886CB434CB" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Manuel Munguia", lat: 37.3268087, lng: -121.8220259, name: "Evergreen Robotics Challenge", uid: "A733327C0E81417DAED31F859A06EA2F" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Vision Tech Camps", lat: 32.8143273, lng: -96.5924517, name: "Robotics Camp", uid: "0EB1E10D9EE345E3ACEB5D8510E6B76E" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Silicon Valley Robotics", lat: 37.23862, lng: -121.784069, name: "Silicon Valley Robot Block Party", uid: "681A9BCB5AE04A04BBA444F9FE8EA309" }); eventsData.push({ host: "City of Glendale", lat: 34.1441907, lng: -118.253502, name: "The Impact Robotics Competitions Have on K-12 Education", uid: "35DDB29CF2D64FAD950CE8A79E91DD93" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Silicon Valley Robotics", lat: 37.74998, lng: -122.3858593, name: "The New Wave of Robot Grasping", uid: "0B2974859B29447A83DB6F2053108621" }); eventsData.push({ host: "University of Southern California", lat: 34.0206012, lng: -118.2860922, name: "Southern California Robotics Symposium (SCR)", uid: "0C145C9EDE474AFCB95DDB2E451EE2A7" }); eventsData.push({ host: "US Naval Sea Cadet Corps", lat: 34.1453223, lng: -117.5554867, name: "2017 Pacific Southwest SeaPerch Program", uid: "5AA3B50AE8B8480E8CEBE51A2390DC5B" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Parallax", lat: 38.8127587, lng: -121.296161, name: "Robotics with Blockly Professional Development Course", uid: "CDA7778365C942F9AED9C0DF708D998E" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Parallax", lat: 39.3353012, lng: -120.1819324, name: "Robotics with Blockly Course", uid: "C888D9DF39ED452B885C981FFEFBF7A0" }); eventsData.push({ host: "RoboGames", lat: 37.6599327, lng: -121.8820906, name: "RoboGames 2017", uid: "2A52DB1203B64EE88750D7040487F2CB" }); eventsData.push({ host: "Cal Poly", lat: 35.4839788, lng: -120.6608375, name: "Roborodentia", uid: "3230339E987D4E9AA6136156AFE4054D" }); eventsData.push({ host: "BotBall", lat: 34.1544082, lng: -118.3268296, name: "Greater Los Angeles BotBall Tournament", uid: "D6CB2EB5E4044DDE8C77E6E736CA4BC2" }); eventsData.push({ host: "BotBall", lat: 37.4094472, lng: -122.0638894, name: "Northern California BotBall Tournament", uid: "B04D81FD7AB447398B45651125483359" }); Facebook logo Twitter logo

Celebrate National Robotics Week by joining Bing Jiang as she discusses the impact robotics competitions have on K-12 education.

Jiang will share her experience at Rolling Robots on the growth of children through participation in their programs, and share how young children learn using robots.

– a Los Angeles-based kids tech and robotics playgrounds where kids make and code robots to learn the STEM-related skills.

After receiving her master degree in the field of Physics, Bing Jiang enjoyed a successful career working as a technical engineer and engineering manager at the Boeing Company.

She has also served as a teacher and mentor at NFTE – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

As the pioneer in STEM education, she led the growth Rolling Robots from one to three locations in Los Angeles area severing thousand of children from age 4 to 14 each year in forms of robot building birthday parties, Robotics and STEM after school workshops and summer camps.

Rolling Robots has trained many VEX Robotics Competition Teams since 2013 and the Middle School Team has won the Excellence Award (the highest award) in VEX Robotics World Championship in 2015.

Mill Valley teen reaches out with robotics

To stay ahead of the game, Dolasia founded Reaching Out With Robotics, a STEM program where she and a group of seven teen mentors teach middle schoolers how to program semi-autonomous machines.

Academy where 25 students from the Marin City school and from Mill Valley Middle School pitted their unique robot designs against each other in five challenges that tested the programer’s precision and innovation.

Dolasia, who was introduced to robotics as a seventh-grader in the Mill Valley Middle School Robotics Club, designed a second-place winner in the Best of Show category at the ROBOGames, the Olympics of robots, when she was in eighth grade.

The student programmers milled about the gym, tinkering with their bots, hooking them up to computers to fine tune gears and setting them off on test runs before the games began.

The first challenge was the tube push, where the bulldozer-like bots, most of them with widespread claws for a bumper, drove through a maze collecting cardboard tubes.

Josh Holzer, 14, and Jason Schoenmann, 12, faced off in a three-round battle as the crowd of 40 children and parents circled the makeshift arena.

featured a large ramp at the front that quickly scooped up and flipped Holzer’s unnamed machine, winning two out of the three rounds.

“We plug them into the computers before to make sure the gears are calibrated correctly, and each time you test it you get a newer and better robot,”

Meet DARwIn-OP, a Humanoid Research Platform at Robofest Michigan Championship April 14, 2012

Meet DARwIn-OP, a humanoid research platform at Robofest Michigan Championship April 14, 2012 A National Robotics Week Event Sponsored by ROBOTIS Visit for more information!..

Trout Lake FIRST Robot Dunk

Demonstrating our robot's arm and claw during a basketball game at the Trout Lake School.

300 Robots Perform Kung Fu In China | International News | Viral Mojo

Watch more videos for more updates. Stay Tuned & Subscribed 300 Robots Perform Kung Fu In China Until now, we have seen robots performing Kung Fu only in moves But,..

Our Winning Robot in TECHKRITI' 10 at IIT Kanpur

Its our Image Processing based Autonomous Robot which was designed for the task of building the bridge by placing pier and deck over the pier and hence finally crossing the bridge thus built..we...

NAOtv zapping (Interaction)


the toughest match i had in SHAASTRA 2013.

Rockin robot Competition 29th november 2014

Robo Obstacle race at The LNMIIT,Plinth

Technical fest PLINTH at The LNMIIT is organised every year in the month of January. Here is the brief visionary for the robot race.

AVC 2016 Robot Combat 3lb: Best Korea vs Uncle Sam's Daughter

Robot Combat at the AVC SparkFun Event on September 17th 2016. Best Korea : Horizontal Spinner Uncle Sam's Daughter : Wedge.

MakerFaireKC Basketball robot