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RoboEarth: A World Wide Web for Robots

As part of the European project RoboEarth, I am currently one of about 30 people working towards building an Internet for robots: a worldwide, open-source platform that allows any robot with a network connection to generate, share, and reuse data.

The project is set up to deliver a proof of concept to show two things: The vision behind RoboEarth is much larger: Allow robots to encode, exchange, and reuse knowledge to help each other accomplish complex tasks.

Although differences between the two robots (e.g., due to wear and tear or different robot hardware) and their environments (e.g., due to changed object locations or a different hospital room) mean that the downloaded information may not be sufficient to allow this robot to re-perform a previously successful task, this information can nevertheless provide a useful starting point.

In addition, as the two robots continue to perform their tasks and pool their data, the quality of prior information will improve and begin to reveal underlying patterns and correlations about the robots and their environment.

think that the availability of such prior information is a necessary condition for robots to operate in more complex, unstructured environments.The people working onRoboEarth --me included-- believethat, ultimately, the nuanced and complicated nature of human spaces can't be summarized within a limited set of specifications.A World Wide Web for robots will allow them to achieve successful performance in increasingly complex tasks and environments.

Third Internal RoboEarth Workshop

This video shows a Serve-A-Drink demonstration as part of the third internal RoboEarth workshop. Two robots with different hardware and in different locations use RoboEarth to share knowledge....