AI News, Robo-One Hosts First-Ever Autonomous Biped Fighting Tournament

Robo-One Hosts First-Ever Autonomous Biped Fighting Tournament

It’s always a huge amount of fun to watch (even on video), with creative hardware designs, skilled pilots, and the sorts of moves that are physically impossible for humans to pull off.

For sensing, some robots used sophisticated time-of-flight cameras to localize their opponents in 3D, or a combination of a Raspberry Pi and a visible light camera running OpenCV to detect other robots.

The combat footage revealsthat this level of sophistication may have been overkill, since many successful competitors used relatively simple infrared or ultrasonic sensor arrays instead.

Below are three matches where stuff actually happens, and all three feature my personal favorite robot, Simple Fighter, which somehow came in eighth despite being by far the most dynamic:

In my personal opinion, robotics competitions like FIRST Robotics are really more about mechanical engineering, since (aside from an almost uselessly brief 15 seconds of autonomy at the start of each match) the competition is fundamentally about designing and building hardware and then having a human remote-controlling it.

Watch Tiny Robots Battle to the Death in Japan’s ROBO-ONE

Japan is no stranger to gigantic battle robots, but the country’s latest mechanical bloodbath is on a bit smaller (and more adorable) scale.

The country’s ROBO-ONE Auto tournament, held on February 25 and 26, pitted fully autonomous, action-figure-sized bipedal robots against one another in a single-elimination competition to find the last bot standing.

All the matches are available to stream online, and there are some fantastic moments: If you’re a fan of watching robots fall over, it’s hard to go wrong.

Go, Autonomous Speed Racer, Go! NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 to Power World’s First Robotic Motorsports Competition

Fernando Alonso’s terrifying F1 crash last month at the Australian Grand Prix shows how far humans will push a car for the pursuit of performance.

DRIVE PX 2 provides supercomputer-class performance — up to 24 trillion operations a second for AI applications — in a case the size of a lunchbox.

Since the cars don’t need human drivers, these racecars are incredibly compact, and the designs — conceived by auto designer Daniel Simon, the man behind Tron: Legacy’s light cycles — are like nothing that’s been seen on a road, or a racetrack, before.

DRIVE PX 2 provides the processing power of 150 MacBook Pros, enough to incorporate input from a vast array of sensors — radar, lidar, cameras, GPS and high-definition mapping, for starters.

These autonomous sumo wrestling bots are freakishly fast

Often, though, the bots move so fast that they simply shunt one another clear out the ring: Other teams try to deploy wings, which are likely intended to confuse their opponent’s sensors, making them easy to out-maneuver: And some bots simply know when to step out of the way: According to this guide, there are a number of factors to consider when making a sumo bot.

And responsive edge sensors (which are positioned on the underside of the bots and notice when it crosses from the dark central ring to the white, exterior border) are key to not driving off the edge by accident.

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