AI News, Risk is on the horizon for IA

Risk is on the horizon: what’s next for IT internal auditors?

Indeed, as more and more organisations adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning, that algorithm assurance becomes increasingly important.

Do they understand the context and business process that is in place so they can decide whether it’s right to do what the algorithm tells them?

That team needs to include pure data scientists, highly skilled technologists, and those with plenty of experience on internal controls.

One of the most critical elements for the assurance function is to understand that this new technological landscape extends well outside of the IT department.

It’s critical that there are ongoing conversations between the assurance function and everyone in the business that is using an algorithm of one kind or another.

The Internal Audit function can really add value here, working with those teams and enabling them to think about how they communicate what their AI does and building that sense of transparency.

Purdue Professors Collaborate with European Experts to Restore Public Trust in Social Media

College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education, Sorin Adam Matei, along with fellow EUNOMIA consortium partners met in London on January 10-11, 2019 at the University of Greenwich to announce the launch of a major EU funded effort to restore public trust in social media content.

The project uses blockchain technologies to ensure privacy and anonymity while retaining the credibility of existing alternative social media sites, like Mastodon or Blasting News, which will visualize the trustworthiness of the content.

On any given day, while checking Facebook you may learn that spring water recently discovered in Greece is the cure to cancer, a Vermont city council has voted to exhume the bodies of all black cats from the pet cemetery to prevent them from returning as zombies, and that Liechtenstein will be the next capital of the European Union.

EUNOMIA seeks to shape the future of social media information, relying on artificial intelligence, decentralized media platforms, blockchain storage, and analytic tools to create a “trust companion”

According to a recent Nature Communications study, during the most recent United States presidential election a startling 25% of 30 million tweets which contained a link to a news outlet were either fake or extremely biased .

Blockchain technology is utilized to ensure transparency and accessibility in the scoring process while an ethically responsible General Data Protection Regulation compliant digital companion running as a local app on the user’s device encourages each user’s involvement in the process.

Dr. Troullinou outlines how “the project employs a privacy, social and ethical impact assessment (PIA+) approach that will be conducted  in consultation with stakeholders, for taking remedial actions as necessary in order to avoid or minimize negative impacts.”

There are three core questions that EUNOMIA’s technology will address: which social media user is the original source of a piece of information, how it has spread and been modified through an information cascade, and how likely it is to be trustworthy.

EUNOMIA’s coordinator, George Loukas, believes that “by providing the right tools, the right infrastructure and the right conditions, EUNOMIA will help social media users take ownership of the disinformation problem.”

The encompassing goal of EUNOMIA is to assist social media users in determining the trustworthiness of information with an intermediary-free approach, combining information cascade verification with information trustworthiness scoring.

In turn, Blasting News is currently one of the largest and fastest growing civic journalism platforms in the world, with thousands of authors and millions of readers every day, publishing no fewer than 20,000 texts and videos per month in 9 countries and 7 languages.

To make sure the process is smooth we set strict rules for our contributors, for example, every piece of news must have two reputable sources, and we created a professional internal newsroom in London that supports our senior members on the ground to curate and fact-checks every piece of content.

The EUNOMIA Consortium will last for three years, creating by 2021 a new media ecosystem in which content will be checked by users and trust scores will be attached to content on social media platforms that adopt the EUNOMIA companion.

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