AI News, Rise of robots ‘could see workers enjoy four-day weeks’

Rise of robots ‘could see workers enjoy four-day weeks’

A four-day working week could become commonplace in Britain as automation and artificial intelligence increase workplace efficiency, a new study has concluded.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady used her speech to the organisation’s annual gathering last month to call for a four-day working week, saying that it should be achievable by the end of the century.

While Labour is prioritising policies to deal with the insecurities of the gig economy in its next manifesto, McDonnell told the Observer: “We are interested in the TUC’s proposals in how the benefits of automation, robotics and AI of the fourth industrial revolution are shared with the workers, both in rewards and potentially a shorter working week.

The SMF analysis suggests that a 10% gain in workforce productivity could allow employers to produce the same output with a 38-hour week, assuming pay and employer profits remained the same.

Scott Corfe, the SMF’s chief economist who authored the report, said: “Robots, AI and big data could dramatically change society for the better, addressing the UK’s productivity crisis and creating more enjoyable work as mundane tasks are automated.

Robots could bring about the death of the five-day working week

Robots could bring about a four-day working week in Britain as automation and artificial intelligence increase workplace efficiency, a new study has revealed.

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