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Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, faster, and cheaper, bringing the disruptive power of machine learning and cognitive computing to the marketing industry.

Consider how much time your marketing team spends reviewing analytics, creating performance reports, drafting social media updates, determining blog post topics, copywriting, building strategy, and allocating resources.

Since that time, we’ve published more than 400 articles designed to make AI approachable and actionable for marketers, and our founder, Paul Roetzer, has given more than 70 AI presentations at industry conferences and corporate events.

As part of the content strategy, we’ve written Spotlights on 50+ AI-powered marketing technology companies with more than $1 billion in combined funding, which you can learn about through our free, ungated tools—AI Score for Marketers and The Marketing AI Buyer’s Guide.

Our growth has been made possible by a collection of industry benefactors who share our vision for a more intelligently automated future, and support our mission to make AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

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