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Cambridge Team Uses AI to Aid Cancer Drug Development

AI is increasingly playing a part in the drug development process, with a common use case being to deploy it to sift through vast quantities of data to find potential avenues for exploration.

“As a cancer researcher, even if you knew what you were looking for, there are literally thousands of papers appearing every day,”the researchers explain.“LION LBD uses AI to help scientists keep up-to-date with published discoveries in their field, but could also help them make new discoveries by combining what is already known in the literature by making connections between sources that may appear to be unrelated.” The focus of the system is illustrated in their name, with the LBD standing for literature-based discovery.

The system works to try and uncover indirect associations between various entities in the published literature, and with tens of millions of such publications in existence, the team hopes that it provides an ample haystack within which to find some needles.

The Growing Symbiosis Between RPA and AI

AI-enhanced RPA platforms that automate various organizational workflows and processes either in whole or in part, referred to asCPRA — cognitive robotic process automation — are gradually becoming the norm, in yet another example of how truly pervasive digital transformation has become across multiple segments of both the public and private sectors.

One mistake in the chemical formulation of a particular drug — or a flaw in the physical steps of manufacturing tablets, capsules, liquids or other forms of medication — can lead to illnesses and even deaths among users, which can open up the drug company that is responsible to a surfeit of civil or even criminal penalties, in addition to various regulatory sanctions.

While this would by no means be the first time that an organization within the general sphere of health care adopted RPA, CRPA, AI or some combination thereof, no one in the pharmaceutical field had tried using such technologies to handle the specific task of “adverse event reports.” Other pharma businesses might use a different term for these filings, but the meaning is likely the same: reports of detrimental side effects in patients who have used a particular drug.

When combined, however, the AI translates the voice command into a series of simpler signals, sends them to the RPA as requests to locate relevant data packets, receives this data and finally converts it into a natural response: “Timer set for two hours,” “The Boston Celtics are 9-8, 6th place in the NBA Eastern Conference” and so on.

As RPA and AI develop further in the years to come, their capabilities will grow: AIs will potentiallycatch on to the slang and syntax of their users instead of requiring that questions be asked in formal sentences, while RPAs grow capable of collecting more complex requests based on prompts.

However, as Forbes Technology Council contributor Kris Fitzgeraldpoints out, this may not be the case in most industries: Hybrid RPA and AI systems take theburden of paperwork, data entry and other time-consuming tasksaway from employees — particularly those dealing with customer service, in numerous sectors — and therefore allow them to put their intrapersonal skills to greater use.

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