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AI Helps Scientists Design a New Compressible Material

Perhaps the science textbooks of the future will add a new step to the scientific method: 'consult with AI.'

In materials science, researchers are looking for novel geometries in design that are able to be created in real life, while also ensuring those solutions aren't just random.

But what's perhaps just as important as the new material, itself—which Bessa hopes will become real-life transformers in the coming years—is the fact that the AI made it possible to complete this research with exactly zero experimental tests in the lab.

This is definitely not the first time that researchers have leaned on AI while experimenting with new materials—sure, the fact that no experimental tests were run is novel, but materials science, as a whole, has gotten a major upgrade thanks to the pure speed at which artificial intelligence has allowed scientists to create new designs.

The data-driven approach behind AI in materials science points to a future where new designs are created through the use of computer models, where machine learning can use existing data to suggest new approaches.