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“Callous” Children No More Likely To Display Psychopathy As Adults – But May Be At Greater Risk Of Committing ViolentCrime

By Matthew Warren Turn on the news tonight and you’ll be bombarded with gloomy stories.

Maybe there will be some good news sandwiched in there — a piece on an exciting new scientific discovery, perhaps, or a profile of a talented young musician.

A recent international study in PNAS looking at people’s physiological responses to news reports has found that overall we do seem to have greater reactions to negative stories.

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This is a summary of the paper.

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2018 has been an eventful year for AI to say the least! We've seen advances in generative models, the AlphaGo victory, several data breach scandals, and so ...

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The paper "The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities" ...

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Inaugural AI Research Week, hosted by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. Panel discussion on research directions at the intersection of AI and Quantum Computing.

True Artificial Intelligence will change everything | Juergen Schmidhuber | TEDxLakeComo

Artificial Intelligence Scientist. Scientific Director of the Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA, DTI, SUPSI; Prof. of AI, Faculty of Informatics, USI, Lugano; Co-founder & Chief ...