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A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker

We fed 270000 words spoken by Trump into a computer program that studies language patterns. This system analyzed his word choice and grammar, learning ...

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial Intelligence | ML vs DL vs AI | Simplilearn

This Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial Intelligence video will help you understand the differences between ML, DL and AI, and how they are ...

Anthony Patch - Objective of Artificial Intelligence Explained on The Hagmann Report 11/27/17

Artificial intelligence and more - the rapid approach to a collective network where everything will be controlled and under surveillance. Anthony Patch explains.

The Artificial Intelligence revolution

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Artificial Intelligence | Tutorial #14 | The Bayesian Belief Network

The Bayesian network helps us to represent Bayesian thinking, it can be used in data science when the amount of data to the model is moderate, incomplete ...

How smart is today's artificial intelligence?

Current AI is impressive, but it's not intelligent. Subscribe to our channel! Sources: ..

The Rise of AI

There's an AI revolution sweeping across the world. Yet few people know the real story about where this technology came from and why it suddenly took off.

[AI] Cooperative Balls (Neural Network)

Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks program made with Processing. Github: About Neural Network: ..

Deep Learning Cars

A small 2D simulation in which cars learn to maneuver through a course by themselves, using a neural network and evolutionary algorithms. Interested in how ...

Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) . Everest Group 2018 Report . IT Infrastructure

For Download: Michel Janssen, Chief Research Guru of Everest Group talks about the report, 'AIOps - IT ..