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These personal data are considered and treated as true assets by the internet companies which are still in a way exploiting the citizen Why are you supporting Ocean Protocol?When I first heard of the Ocean Protocol project, I was immediately convinced that it could contribute to solve the challenge of scaling up AI at an unprecedented level.

While being at the dawn of the deep learning revolution with a major shift from cloud based solution to Edge based solution, the ocean protocol will ease the life of all developers in the space of IoT to have access to a massive pool of data that will shorten their product, solution and service development cycle through an accelerated deep learning implementation path.

This will be facilitated and accelerated by different technology factors such as more than ever affordable high power processing capabilities from semiconductor chipsets, power consumption effectiveness to operate such AI devices on batteries, unprecedented speed of wireless communication technologies at a very cost effective level.

This will surely, like for any other major technology revolution, create lots of job and business opportunities as well as major service improvement to the benefit of the general public but unfortunately also at the cost of lot of job loss as well as threats if it is not properly understood and anticipated by our political representatives and governments.

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Post gears up to launch the 2019 Insurtech 100 listing in association with Tallt, Post content director Jonathan Swift highlights six businesses that will hope to be featured in forthcoming rankings.

riptide analogy generates a powerful image of a turbulent sea, where the strong finally reach the shore, but the weak that succumb to the powerful currents are pulled back out to the sea.

global economy has become less resilient to shocks in the ten years following the financial crisis, but new public-private partnerships, in combination with the use and development of new technological capabilities, can help to strengthen it, according to reinsurance giant Swiss Re.

Company Profiles explores how a handful of new entrants are taking unique approaches to incorporate technology in order to address inefficiencies or coverage gaps within the existing insurance ecosystem, and how they are also using data (third-party and proprietary), advanced sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to develop a new paradigm of insurance offerings for the connected world.

money continues to pour into insurtech ventures, there is evidence that only the big, global technology players and true venture capital firms have pockets deep enough to precipitate true disruption in the insurance space.

been another big year for InsurTech, with venture funding surpassing 2017 levels, the first unicorns outside of health insurance, and incumbent carriers doubling down on new technologies and solutions.

fundraising for InsurTech startups during 2018 has already reached an all-time high in volume, with 204 deals and transaction values of $2.6 billion, close to the 2015 peak of $2.7 billion.

insurance companies provide InsurTech services that recommend which exercises and food a person needs and send accurate and personal health analysis and recommendations in real-time to their customers.

Phase one of the InsurTech evolution saw technology trailblazers sweep into the insurance industry en masse trying to capitalize on points where customer friction and large profit pools intersect.

thought 2018 was going to become the year of the blockchain, and while the ledger is still a hot-button topic, the relatively older InsurTech scene has risen to the top of the fintech pile thanks to a 2017 boost.

impact of InsurTech on the reinsurance industry could be limited in the short term—but that does not mean that investments made now will not bear fruit in the future, Jean-Paul Conoscente, chief executive officer of P&C’s US operation and P&C’s reinsurance business unit, SCOR, told PCI Today.

The InsurTech movement, the advance of emerging technologies, and the appetite of the global tech titans are all contributing to new entrants, new partnerships, and new business models.

Brokers and carriers are benefiting from solutions that simplify everyday workflows as technology companies continuously work on their offerings to solve pain points for insurance professionals.

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