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Artificial Intelligence: A Radical Anti-Humanism

Artificial intelligence and ethics, two subjects that go hand-in-hand in current literature, are often confined to the spectrum of the subject of privacy.

Indeed, companies, politicians, and researchers swear by AI because it heralds the emergence of a world that is secure, optimized, and fluidized everywhere...and brings unlimited economic prospects.

On the contrary, given the scope of the issues at stake, it is imperative that these issues be the subject of public debate and constructive public controversy, which is not the case today.

represents a mode of technological rationality that seeks to optimize any situation, satisfy many private interests and, ultimately, promote widespread utilitarianism.

We are experiencing a change in the status of digital technologies: They are no longer intended to only give us access to information but to reveal to us the reality of the phenomena beyond appearances.

— the will of the digital industry to be continuously at our side in order to seek and, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, to influence our actions by stating what is supposed to suit us.

The upcoming economic battle between Google, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu [the Chinese “Google”], and others will result in fierce competition for this spectral presence, with each actor struggling to impose its hold at the expense of all others.

This can range from a moderate and incentive level, at work in a sports coaching application for example, to a prescriptive level, in the case of the review of a bank loan.

We welcome the automated diagnosis, which would offer a qualitative leap forward, but we never mention the fact that these same systems already have the ability to prescribe, leading to the purchase of keywords by pharmaceutical groups.

By stuffing us with sensors, these financial powers promise to constantly interpret our physiological flows in order to recommend wellness products and therapeutic treatments.

To clear his conscience, Musk and the entire sphere of engineers recruited by the digital industry keep repeating in a loop that "the machine must be at the service of man."

These façade speeches make it possible to look good at little cost, but it is these same people who are working to increase the expertise of these systems without regard for the consequences.

Hence the importance of open data for socio-liberal governments, which, thanks to the availability of public data, intend to leave it to the private sector to organize the course of collective affairs, leading to the commodification of public life.

is emblematic of this ideology that would see systems best regulate our daily lives: we let systems work in a perfect world because they are signatory-less and governed by signals.

When we want to be vigilant, we always come to the issue of personal data, which is certainly an important issue, but which remains limited to the primacy of privacy alone.

We never worry about preserving our freedom in the context of living together and the new asymmetric power structures brought about by the use of AI, in management, for example.

Against this anti-humanist assault, let us prevail a simple but intangible equation: the more we intend to divest ourselves of our power to act, the more it is necessary to be acting.

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