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The Future of Project Management from Microsoft

Teams can quickly add new members and set up tasks, and then easily switch between grids, boards, or timeline (Gantt) charts to track progress.

Collaboration made easy Designed to do much more than just track progress, Project works with Teams to support collaboration and make it easy to manage all aspects of a team project, including file sharing, chats, meetings, and much more.

Introduction to Intelligent Automation - A Strategy Based on RPA, BPM and AI

During this expert panel discussion, our featured speakers aim to build awareness and interest in 'intelligent automation' – a strategy based on a combination of ...

Reimagining the Enterprise with AI

Veena Gundavelli, Founder & CEO, Emagia Corporation Co-Founder, Solix Technologies, Inc.

Intelligent Automation

The breakaway cadence of digital disruption requires a digital labor force to assist the corporate ..

Intelligent Technologies: SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

Machine learning uses sophisticated algorithms to “learn” from massive volumes of Big Data. The more data the algorithms can access, the more they can learn.

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI & Robotics

Save The Date | LiveWorx 2019 | June 10th-13th Hear from Aidan Quilligan, Accenture's Senior Managing Director, on “The ..

Business 4.0 - Intelligent, Agile, Automated, and on the Cloud

The Fourth Industrial revolution is materially underway, driving confluence of the physical, digital and biological worlds. Agile organizations are now embracing ...

AI and Automation for the Intelligent Enterprise by Hans Pauley & Paul Downes, Accenture

Testing plays a critical role as AI systems become more pervasive. The errors from these systems can adversely affect not just business performance, but also ...

Intelligent Order-to-Cash Through Analytics, Automation, and AI

Solix EMPOWER Summit | Orlando'19 PANEL: Intelligent Order-to-Cash Through Analytics, Automation, and AI SPEAKERS: Monika Mangla-Program Manager, ...

PwC: What is the real-world potential of AI as a tool for business?

AI has become somewhat synonymous with automation—but in 2018 that's set to change. How is AI augmenting enterprise strategy? What is the real-world ...

Highlights from KPMG’s 2017 Executive Symposium on Intelligent Automation in 10 minutes

The availability of machine-readable data, cheap computing and artificial intelligence not only enables us to automate work, but also augment human decisions.