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The 4th Industrial Revolution Means Opportunity For Freelancers

Of course you’ve heard the term “the fourth industrial revolution.” But, what is it about,and, how can freelancers benefit from it?

And now, according to the WEF, society is entering a fourth industrial revolution that is boundary busting industries, geography, culture, regulatory frameworks, institutions, and the nature of work, health, leisure and even human reproduction.

In other words, take a horizon view, focus beyond your immediate tech or functional expertise, and pay attention to the changes, trends, and developments in the industries and markets that will likely be affected.

These are the “observation decks” that will provide you with the insight you need to adapt your skills or strategic focus, and identify new opportunities that are adjacent to the work you are doing now.

How would you describe yourself or your team?” When I hear about the interesting work they’ve done, their vision and the larger purpose of their work and career, and the value that they have created for others, I’m excited and want to write about them.

In my work as an HR strategy coach, I help HR leadership teams toidentify– in time, cost, talent and innovation – the benefits their organization can gain from the freelance revolution and the shift to a flexible, blended workforce.

In my prior firm – the RBL Group – we tripled our revenue infour years by applying this principle and focusing our efforts at owning the HR transformation mega trend.

But, there is a downside to the marketplace as incubator: As I wrote recently, as platforms become larger and larger, and more and more platforms become “agencies of agencies,” individual freelancers are increasingly at a competitive disadvantage.

And as marketplaces “re-intermediate” by repping and encouraging informal teams and more formal corporate firms, it makes sense to think about the relationship individual freelancers want, with whom, and under what rules.

And, as Kasriel pointed out in a recent interview, freelancing is a business and “like any business, to be successful, specific competencies are required, and our most successful freelancers are painstakingly aware of what they need to do to remain successful.

Governing The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Data-driven advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are now set to reshape industries and regulatory frameworks around the world.

Fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is remaking the very notion of innovation as countries leverage data to compete for military and commercial advantage. As former BlackBerry Chairman and co-CEO Jim Balsillie suggests, this data-driven revolution is not just remaking the terms of global trade, it is transforming the nature and distribution of wealth.

In 1976, 16% of the S&P 500 was made up of intangible assets (patents, trademarks and copyrights). Today it is 90%. Intellectual property (IP) and the data it protects are the world’s most important commercial and national security assets.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Skills Required for the Adviser 4.0

July 8, 2019 If you have decided to stick it out in this current regulatory environment, rapidly moving from de-regulation to over-regulation, then you have decided to tread your own path and separate from the disenfranchised herd stampeding to the exit.

To understand the mindset and skills you will require in the changing world of work and to remain competitive and relevant to a changing client base, we need to respond to the broader context of change which has been accelerating at a furious pace in the last five years.

There are now many emerging technology breakthroughs that we need to take a satellited view of to appreciate the full extent of the transformation in progress, including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, digital ledger technology (blockchain), fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G), additive manufacturing/3D printing and fully autonomous vehicles.

This will involve transforming into a digital advice practice, improving client centric processes, client experience and most importantly client outcomes by embracing new digital tools which are relatively accessible, easy to learn and cost effective.

For example, a 5% -10% improvement in lead conversion can be achieved by creating personalised email, SMS, mail and telephone journeys, recognising demographic profiling, referral and marketing source, and using the clients preferred communications channel, be it mobile phone, email, WeChat etc.

Business Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

These are the issues that will define leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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