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Fake Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vs Real Autonomous AI: How To Tell The Difference Between The Scammers The Real Deal

Everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big thing and almost every single tech company in the world seems to be riding that hype wave.

Such hype wave comes with a whole new world of marketers and scammers using the buzz word with fake AI to trick their potential users into thinking they’re using real autonomous AI.

Useful and autonomous AI implies using a combination of neural networks, machine, transfer, reinforcement and deep learning in production models that are actually taking action on the predictions of the simulations, not just making recommendations and providing insights of what to do (sorry “AI” analytics companies, but if some human needs to actually do what your platform recommends, then that’s not a truly useful, independent and autonomous AI).

Useful and autonomous AI is what The Adext AI is currently achieving by increasing e-commerce sales within Google AdWords + Facebook Ads by +1,200% (average across all user data) when compared to the human + pre-Adext technology benchmark/baseline based on the historical data of those users before The Adext AI took over their campaigns.

If you wish to join the hype wave and scammers (which we strongly advise that you don’t), then read this article: How To Convince Venture Capitalists You’re An Expert In Artificial Intelligence If you want to see what true AI can do transparently by taking millions of intelligent actions per day using Gaussian processes and Bayesian inference, then please visit:

The Adext 'Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS)' or 'Dynamic Audience Optimization (DAO)' autonomous AI, is the first and currently only ad tech AI Software as a Service (SaaS) self-service solution in the world today, where a user can simply sign up, click connect to Google AdWords and/or Facebook Ads, do a 5 minute setup process, and then the AI will do everything for the user.

Take one of our large enterprise e-commerce clients for example, they have around 100,000 active ads within their accounts, meaning The Adext AI will perform 20,000,000 intelligent changes every day for them, via billions of simulations.

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