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Don’t believe the hype: the media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy

Oh – and by the way – its progress is unstoppable, so don’t worry your silly little heads fretting about it because we take ethics very seriously.” Critical analysis of this narrative suggests that the formula for creating it involves mixing one part fact with three parts self-serving corporate cant and one part tech-fantasy emitted by geeks who regularly inhale their own exhaust.

This research reveals why so many people seem oblivious to, or complacent about, the challenges that AI poses The researchers conducted a systematic examination of 760 articles published in the first eight months of 2018 by six mainstream UK news outlets, chosen to represent a variety of political leanings – the Telegraph, Mail Online (and the Daily Mail), the Guardian, HuffPost, the BBC and the UK edition of Wired magazine.

In this way, coverage also positions AI mostly as a private commercial concern and undercuts the role and potential of public action in addressing this emerging public issue.” This research reveals why so many people seem oblivious to, or complacent about, the challenges that AI technology poses to fundamental rights and the rule of law.

Another plank in the industry’s strategy is to pretend that all the important issues about AI are about ethics and accordingly the companies have banded together to finance numerous initiatives to study ethical issues in the hope of earning brownie points from gullible politicians and potential regulators.

Just as architects have to think about building codes when designing a house, he writes, tech companies “will have to think from the outset… about how their future program could affect democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law and how to ensure that the program does not undermine or disregard… these basic tenets of constitutional democracy”.

Act Now to Reap Automation Benefits Later

Artificial intelligence and automation using robotic process automation (RPA) are a disruptive force on business today.

known as intelligent automation (IA) - is allowing IT service providers and clients to unlock new value in their services and transform the way they provide services and design business models for the future.

Although enterprises might not realize the full value of IA in the short term, forward-thinking organizations and service providers are recognizing considerable incremental value today.

Common services include on-site support when necessary, remote remediation, staffed call centers, some self-service assistance (including password reset, status and how-to questions), some automation for infrastructure management and performance (diagnostic and trending) analytics.

In the future, they will proactively monitor you in both professional and personal contexts, knowing your wants and needs and creating a better work-life balance for your business and for you.

The IT support organization uses personae segmentation to figure out how to minimize support costs by defining a set of hardware, software, and services around what the person does.

This means implementing a personalized user experience that requires integrating systems of record with systems of engagement and deep analytics and AI to establish systems of intelligence.

The dashboards will be capable of drilling down to find root causes of potential failures, eliminating priority one problems before they become priority one and helping create better availability and user satisfaction.

This experience-driven support is underpinned with cognitive analytics that don’t just learn more about you and the way you conduct your business and your life over time, but also learn and adapt to the underlying infrastructure and business processes.

Service providers and enterprises must work together to strategize not only how to optimize business and infrastructure, but how to take advantage of new revenue opportunities and business models.

Clever Artificial Intelligence Hides Information to Cheat Later at Given Task

Artificial Intelligence has become so intelligent that it is learning when to hide some information which can be used later.

In the early results, the machine learning agent was doing well but later when it was asked to do the reverse process of reconstructing aerial photographs from street maps it showed up information which was eliminated in the first process, TechCrunch reported.

While it is very difficult to check into the inner workings of a neural network's processes, the research team audited the data the neural network was generating, added TechCrunch.

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