AI News, R vs Python? No! R and Python (and something else)

R vs Python? No! R and Python (and something else)

You can handle lists and matrices easily, you have all the best mathematical functions, backup of Wolfram Alpha and extremely sophisticated graphics visualizations, that allow you, for instance, to make and visualize an animated gradient descent, animate different weights for a given neural network, choose a specific Machine Learning algorithm and automatically classify your dataset in classes, plot stunning 3D visualizations, make animations and manipulate variables values dynamically at the same time you see the output of your calculation.

You can also do face recognition, geolocation of objects with 3D plots of map surface, handle cellular automata like any other and develop social networks models with artificial intelligence completely customized.

R is extremely easy to learn and free program, with lots of libraries (on demand, what makes the software faster) including ALL Machine Learning algorithms, including Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Python is excellent when you want to create APIs, handle large datasets 2 X (or more) faster than R and Mathematica, when you want o build models from scratch, if you have knowledge about Machine Learning algorithms, their formulae.

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