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Bitfinex Argues Why Judge Should Dismiss NYAG Case in Latest Court Filings

UPDATE (May 23, 16:30 UTC): Judge Joel Cohen has granted a partial stay on the New York Attorney General’s request for documents from Bitfinex and Tether, pending a July 29 hearing on the companies’

The NYAG has until July 8 to file a response to the motion, and until the hearing, Bitfinex and Tether are required only to produce documents deemed relevant by a third-party to the question of whether they fall under state jurisdiction.

In a separate affidavit, Stuart Hoegner, general counsel for both Bitfinex and Tether, wrote that both companies prohibit any U.S. residents, including New Yorkers, from transacting on their platforms, and that only verified Tether customers are allowed to redeem USDT for dollars, not just anyone who buys the stablecoin on the secondary market.

At some point before the NYAG obtained its preliminary injunction against the companies, “Tether actually did invest in instruments beyond cash and cash equivalents, including bitcoin, they bought bitcoin,”

Alistair Milne, an investor in Bitfinex’s recent token sale, wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that Tether holds less than 1 bitcoin simply to fund transactions on the Omni protocol, which runs on top of the original cryptocurrency’s blockchain.

The crypto exchange needed the funds to continue processing customer withdrawals after losing access to some $850 million that is said to be held by Crypto Capital, a payment processor that is also in the cross-hairs of investigators.

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