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Programming Computer Vision with Python

PCV is a pure Python library for computer vision based on the book 'Programming Computer Vision with Python' by Jan Erik Solem.

The final pre-production draft of the book (as of March 18, 2012) is available under a Creative Commons license.

11. Introduction to Machine Learning

MIT 6.0002 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Fall 2016 View the complete course: Instructor: Eric Grimson ..

Anshul Kundaje: Machine learning to decode the genome

The future of personalized medicine is inevitably connected to the future of artificial intelligence, says Anshul Kundaje, assistant professor of genetics and of ...

John Cleese: "So, Anyway..." | Talks at Google (Los Angeles)

On Wednesday November 19th, John Cleese visits the Google LA office. Hear him speak about his astounding career and new book. So, Anyway… is a must ...

Geographic Visualization

How Kubrick Made 2001: A Space Odyssey - Part 7: Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite [B]

In this final section, we take a look at the second half of the “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite” sequence including: alien concepts, the mysterious room, deleted ...

Amiga Story Part 2 (The 90s) | Nostalgia Nerd

I conclude the Commodore Amiga Documentary with the second part of it's story. This episode is based heavily in the 1990s. We start out with the Amiga 500 ...

Materials Informatics: The next royal wedding

Materials Informatics is the marriage of Materials Science and Data Science.

Braille Printer, Blind People Can See, Read, Learn, Print, Communicate with Others Now

This is one of the Makerathon project during 15th Makeblock Makerathon, which is designed for blind people to see, read, learn what we (normal people) typed ...

Visio Data Visualizer: Automatically create process diagrams from Excel data

Learn how a process analyst can import data from Excel directly into Visio to generate process diagrams easily. Process steps are captured in a process map ...