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Programming Computer Vision with Python

PCV is a pure Python library for computer vision based on the book 'Programming Computer Vision with Python' by Jan Erik Solem.

The final pre-production draft of the book (as of March 18, 2012) is available under a Creative Commons license.

11. Introduction to Machine Learning

MIT 6.0002 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Fall 2016 View the complete course: Instructor: Eric Grimson ..

Anshul Kundaje: Machine learning to decode the genome

The future of personalized medicine is inevitably connected to the future of artificial intelligence, says Anshul Kundaje, assistant professor of genetics and of ...


Autonomous Computer Vision Robot.

Best practices for Enterprise AI Assistants (Google Cloud Next '17)

This video will show you the different types of AI Assistants you can deploy to the enterprise, and how to effectively use Google Cloud to build them. Amir Shevat ...

Presentation for A Technology Diffusion

Below is the Narrative/Summary, pasted from my MSMS application (This is for people who do not have access to my application form): In his book, Guns Germs ...

The Making of the Boxtrolls | Talks at Google

Directors Anthony Stacchi & Graham Annable discuss the making of Laika Animation Studio's latest stop-motion film, "The Boxtrolls", followed by a live Q&A.