AI News, Profiling Top Kagglers: KazAnova, Currently #2 in the World

Profiling Top Kagglers: KazAnova, Currently #2 in the World

was doing software development about machine learning algorithms, which also led to creating a GUI for credit scoring/analytics by the name KazAnova- a nick name I frequently use in Kaggle to keep reminding myself the passion I have for the field and how it started, but I could only go so far by myself.

(A prayer to the god of overfitting is my secret 3rd submission) The Acquire valued shoppers' challenge, not only because I won and it is relevant to what my team does, but I also had the honour to collaborate with Gert Jacobusse.

However I think you can go a long way by following standard approaches even if you don't know the field well, which is also the beauty of machine learning and the fact that some algorithms do a significant job for you.

Kaggle does help in optimizing my methods, learning new skills, meet nice people with same passion, be up to date with new tools and generally stay in touch with what's going on in the field.

guess there is a trade-off, but there needs to be an understanding that better models are not necessarily the most interpretable ones and that a more complex model (that is likely to score better) is not necessarily less stable/more dangerous.

I've been very lucky to have made good and fun collaborations so far and I have learnt from all, especially: Marios Michailidis is Senior Data Scientist in dunnhumby and part-time PhD in machine learning at University College London (UCL) with a focus on improving recommender systems.

He has worked in both marketing and credit sectors in the UK Market and has led many analytics projects with various themes including: Acquisition, Retention, Uplift, fraud detection, portfolio optimization and more.

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