AI News, Professor Einstein Is a Fun, Wacky Robot That Loves to Talk About Science

Professor Einstein Is a Fun, Wacky Robot That Loves to Talk About Science

When I tell my daughters, ages 6 and 9, that I have a new robot to show them, they perk up.

This very expressive, very wackyrobotic character is a creation of Hanson Robotics, which calls it “your personal genius.” Professor Einstein can chat about science, tell jokes, check on the weather, and, naturally, quote Einstein himself.

My daughters look on and eventually warm up to it.They start poking its nose, cheeks, mustache, eyebrows, eyeballs.

My daughters ask Professor Einstein to stick out its tongue, point its finger, take a walk, and “go crazy.” This last command results in a series of even wackier expressions.

I ask again, and this time the robot answers with names of actors from a movie—we can’t quite figure out.

I then ask a question my daughters love to ask Siri: “What is the meaning of life?” Again, Professor Einstein offersa nonsensical answer.

Dr. Hanson tells me that his past robot creations showed the value of “deeply engaging interactions between human and robot, including facial expressions, conversation, and nonverbal communication.” He wanted Professor Einstein to have the same qualities.

Andy Rifkin, Hanson Robotics’ CTO and a former Mattel senior executive, argues that a physical robot has advantages over a virtual character.

For example, studies showed that in some educational settings“physical embodiment can yield measurable learning gains,” he says.

Rifkin says digital certificates and encryption protect the data transmissions, and no personal images or audio are stored in the cloud.

At $300, it is not cheap, and buyers, especially parents, will want to make sure the robot doesn’t get tossed aside after 5 minutes of play.

Indeed, that’s the second challenge: Is the robot fun enough so kids keep coming back to play with it?

In fact, using an app to improve engagement is something that’s alreadyworking for other robots, including Cozmo, Sphero, Dash and Dot, and Kamigami.

Professor Einstein Robot talks, walks, connects to Wifi, uses voice commands. Play brain games learn science from Albert Einstein character with realistic facial expressions.

 Now you can enjoy Professor Einstein who is a playful talking robot that answers questions and trains your brain with memory challenges and teaches you science.

He connects to the cloud and interacts dynamically with an iPad or Android tablet to talk with you, share his passion for science, challenge you with brain games, and take you on a journey of fun and learning.

Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius educational toy review

We have seen everything from a smart bra to an electric skateboard here at Digital Trends, but we never imagined a 14.5-inch Professor Einstein robot would be strutting around on our coffee table explaining what a volcano is.

He’s recommended for ages 13 and up, but we enlisted my dinosaur-obsessed, astronomy-mad eight-year-old son, and his inquisitive five-year-old sister to help us with our Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius review.

There’s no doubt that Einstein is an iconic character, but he’s also morphed into something of a caricature in pop culture, and that’s exactly what this diminutive robot is – a caricature.

Professor Einstein has a series of motors inside that allow him to shuffle around, roll his realistic eyeballs, point at you, and even pull expressions like sticking out his tongue.

You plug the rechargeable batteries into his legs, pull down his pants to flick on the power switch on his posterior, and download the free Stein-o-Matic app for iOS or Android.

Once Einstein’s personality and intellect has been downloaded and he’s hooked up to your Wi-Fi network, you can create profiles and take your first step on the enlightening path to genius.

There are a few bite-sized introductory videos covering the universe, the brain, motion, and special relativity, which Einstein narrates, giving the impression of a multimedia lecture.

There’s also a large selection of data cards, which provide information on topics from astronomy to biology to geology, with multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge.

At the easiest difficulty level, my eight-year-old was able to answer a lot of questions correctly, and the multiple-choice format allows for a process of elimination approach.

There’s a small camera in his tie which enables him to see people and he can obviously hear, so he does turn to address whoever poses a question and sometimes points his finger at you.

One top-down scroller challenges you to guide a bat through a maze using echo-location, another is based on the idea of combining different colored lasers to find a target color.

The well-designed app has a mildly addictive hook that keeps you coming back for more, but, while Professor Einstein elevates the presentation, he can feel like a side prop when he should be the main event.

Sometimes he would be unresponsive for a few seconds, before responding “Yes, that’s me!” Even with clear enunciation, we often got a confused or negative response to our queries, or, more often, a request to repeat the question.

Pint-sized interactive Professor Einstein robot can be your personal genius

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For its time, it was a minor miracle of cassette tape content and animatronics that heralded a new age of intelligent educational toys that never really arrived ...

Meet Professor Einstein, a new crowdfunded 'edutainment' robot project currently being developed by Hanson Robotics that allows you to chat with the famous wild-haired theoretical physicist in the comfort of your own home or office.

Like Amazon's Alexa electronic personal assistant, Professor Einstein is fully-interactive and uses this special app to engage in stimulating conversations about space, science, pets, weather, trivia, movies or any number of fascinating or mundane topics.

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