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How To Save PowerPoint Presentation To CD / DVD / USB or Folder | PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

In this PowerPoint tutorial, you will learn to save your PowerPoint Presentations to either a CD or to a folder. I have seen many students, who prepare their ...

Keynote (Google I/O '18)

Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google in a Keynote led by Sundar Pichai. This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, ...

What is a smart city ?

These modern cities, capable of implementing infrastructures (of water, electricity, gases, transport, etc.) communicating and sustainable to improve citizens' ...


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Epic Upgrades for Google Maps Street View | WIRED

Expect to see a new fleet of Google Street View cameras on the road. Their new images, and possibly yours, are helping the company's artificial intelligence ...

Watch the Nvidia RTX 2080 announcement with us!

Join Gordon, Alaina, and Adam while we watch Nvidia's live stream introducing the GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti. We also have a fun bingo game to ...

Combining crowd and AI to scale professional-quality translation

With more and more non-English content on the web and the growing need for companies to talk in their customers' languages, can NMT alone do the job?

Privacy, Security, Society - Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

Apple versus FBI; encryption; Dropbox.