AI News, Preferred Networks, Toyota agree to jointly develop service robots

Preferred Networks, Toyota agree to jointly develop service robots

While robots have expanded from industrial use to logistics and medical care, many technological challenges remain before service robots are smart enough to integrate into users’

“Since around 2004, Toyota has engaged in the development of partner robots that support both people with disabilities and the elderly, based on the concept of ‘coexisting with humans and assisting them in their daily lives,'”

By combining their respective technologies and know-how, Toyota and Preferred said they intend to develop service robots capable of learning in typical living environments and executing a variety of tasks.

“Going forward toward our goal to develop service robots that better cater to the needs of our customers, we are excited by the prospect of collaborating in research and development with PFN, which boasts world-class intelligence technologies.”

“By engaging in joint research and development with Toyota, who created the HSR, we hope to accelerate development of the functions necessary for robots to work in human living environments.

“Going forward, Toyota and PFN will work on joint development of service robots that have the intelligence to respond to various needs so that we can contribute to enhancing the quality of life for more people,”