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Railway Computer for Predictive Maintenance

Nowadays, predictive maintenance is an important success factor for railway operators.

As a specialist for embedded systems that are suitable for railways, Syslogic’s railway computers provide the ideal hardware basis for predictive maintenance.

Maintenance intervals can be planned preciselyRailway computers by Syslogic provide the perfect hardware foundation for efficient use of railway vehicles.

This system records all diagnostic and operating data of the railway vehicles and stores them in a fleet database.

It provides ideal conditions for GPU-accelerated processing of process data and paves the way for integration of deep learning functions.

This is equally intriguing for railway operators and railway vehicle manufacturers, as it not only improves cost-effectiveness, but also safety on railways.

Simple commissioning thanks to preinstalled developer environmentIn addition to high performance and robustness, Syslogic relies on simple commissioning of its railway computers.

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