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What is SAP Leonardo - A solution with IoT, Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Big Data & Machine Learning

This session is to provide an understanding on What is SAP Leonardo - and how it is A solution with IoT, Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Big Data & Machine Learning.

Trent McConaghy - Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence

Description This talk describes the various ways in which emerging blockchain technologies can be helpful for machine learning / artificial intelligence work, ...

Put AI to work in the Oil & Gas industry

Humans have five senses, yet none of them can understand unstructured information. Watson helps the oil & gas industry surpass human limits and enables the ...

Intelligent Procurement Analytics by Bosch

Bosch uses technologies like real time data visualizations , intelligent analytics, social collaboration tools, cloud and mobility creates digital connects that ...

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Big Data

Microsoft on its Digital Supply Chain Initiative with AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning

Microsoft's CTO and hardware supply chain executives explain their vision for the future for mining and analyzing data with machine learning and artificial ...

Enhancing Threat Detection with Big Data and AI

Download our Threat Detection with Big Data and AI solution brief to learn more - Enterprises face a daily ..

How AI, Data Analytics Will Fundamentally Transform Financial Industry

Apr.11 -- David Hardoon, Monetary Authority of Singapore Chief Data Officer, discusses how Artificial Intelligence and data analytics will impact the financial ...

How AI, IoT and Blockchain Will Shake Up Procurement and Supply Chains

Source: The next BriefingsDirect digital business thought leadership ..

What's Cool About Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) in 2 Minutes.

Machine Learning and Blockchain are the two biggest and exciting technological advancement of this generation. The cross-over of machine learning on the ...