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Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

Following these seeds deeply buried in the soil of science and technology in 2019, we can blueprint the outlook of what’s to come in 2020, where science and technology will still be a quintessential function of society and the key to our understanding of the future.

With the continuous investment global technology giants pumped into AI technology, there will be many factories of AI models and data emerging in 2020, facilitating AI technology and associated commercial solutions on a large scale to update industries.

At the core of open-sourced deep learning platforms is the deep learning framework, which greatly lowers the development threshold of AI technology, and effectively improves the quality and efficiency of AI applications.

AutoML, automatic machine learning, will greatly lower the threshold of machine learning AutoML will be able to integrate the iterative process in traditional machine learning and build an automatic process.

Researchers only need to input meta-knowledge (such as convolution operations, problem descriptions, etc.), the algorithm can automatically select the appropriate data, optimize the model structure and configuration, train the model, and deploy it on different devices.

Multimodal deep semantic understanding takes the information of different models such as voice, image, and text as input, and integrates perception and cognition technologies to achieve a multi-dimensional deep understanding of information.

With the rapid development and large-scale application of computing vision, speech, natural language understanding, and knowledge graph, multimodal deep semantic understanding is gradually mature, which leads to a broader application scenario.

Semantic representation pre-training technology based on massive text data will be deeply integrated with domain knowledge to continuously improve the effectiveness of natural language processing tasks such as automatic question answering, emotional analysis, reading comprehension, reasoning, information extraction, etc.

The general natural language understanding the computing platform, which integrates large-scale computing power, rich domain data, pre-training model, and improved R&D tools, will be gradually improved and widely used in the internet, healthcare, legal, financial and other fields.

At the same time, V2X (vehicle to everything) technology is ready for large-scale deployment and application, which makes vehicles and roads form a wide range of connections, further promoting the realization of Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems (IVICS), and accelerating the implementation of intelligent transportation in parks, cities, expressways and other scenarios.

AI predictions for 2020 (Part 1)

As companies take incremental steps to adopt AI and machine learning, the expectation is that AI will eventually be used in all parts of the business.

Guruprasad Gaonkar, Oracle JAPAC SaaS leader for ERP and digital supply chain, says for companies to be future ready it’s about being technology-led as technology-enabled is not good enough: “The ignorant of the next decade will not be those who cannot follow AI trends, but those who cannot embed AI and emerging innovations in everything across business.”

A belief shared by my colleague Paolo Prandini, business solution lead in Europe: “AI will become a colleague, the intelligent classmate we all knew at school, to help us in everyday office life.

A friendly AI will automate repetitive tasks, add value to our data input, deliver smart insights and suggestions, and continuously improve as we engage with it.”

AI apps/ “Building any app can be a difficult, frustrating process, and most companies aren’t in the business of developing AI apps because that’s not their first expertise or simply don’t have the data science muscle in-house.”, shared Juergen Lindner, Oracle SVP for finance and operations SaaS.

“It could eventually end the need for separate security documents, and even offer best product or service purchase recommendations as you are walking through a shopping mall or the airport -- much like the science fiction movie "Minority Report"."

In addition to helping companies keep down head count and costs, achieving infinite scale can give them more confidence that their data is accurateand make processesmore efficient, CoreyWest, Oracle EVP, corporate controller and chief accounting officer, has challengedhis team to automate every transaction possible.

"At Oracle, we're looking at every place where there is human intervention, and we're thinking about what techniquesmightbe available -- whether it's artificial intelligence, machine learning, or other techniques -- to automate it"

But the focus will turn to digital assistants as AI helps these bots become better equipped to understand the intention and context behind requests.

AI will also help digital assistants proactively address questions and concerns instead of reactively, as well as take things a step further to make predictions and offer recommendations for next steps.

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