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Machine Learning: Crossing the Barrier of Meaning

Complete program available for free at Melanie Mitchell, Professor of Computer ..

Digital Design Lab (D2L)-Adruino Game

Oregon MESA - Portland State University, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science The program focuses on giving inexperienced students a ...

Focus: Computer Science

Tim Andersen discusses the new computer science building and the positive impact it will make at Boise State.

PetaVision: A Guided Tour @ Portland State University, C.S. Department

This is presentation given at Portland State University for members of the Computer Science and Engineering School. During the presentation, audience ...

Ole Miss School of Engineering - Computer and Information Science Promo

Promotional video for the Computer and Information Science Program of the School of Engineering at the University of Mississippi.

Oregon State University Engineering Expo 2014

For more information about our Engineering programs please visit:

BSc. Computer Science wallet review

bad guys showing some of their pocket money during a boring SQL lecture...

Oregon State University: College of Engineering Majors Video

A overview of the engineering majors offered through the College of Engineering at Oregon State University. You will hear information from students and ...

Melanie Mitchell, 2010 Phi Beta Kappa Science Book Award

On December 3, 2010 Melanie Mitchell received the 2010 Science Book Award for her book "Complexity: A Guided Tour" (Oxford University Press, 2009).

NSF Science Now Episode 13

This week's episode highlights primate fossil discoveries in Tanzania, solar cell technology, the Galicia Rift mapping, and finally the first screening method to ...