AI News, Portland, Oregon Payroll System Problems Said to Be Reminiscent of the Great Water Billing Fiasco of '02

Portland, Oregon Payroll System Problems Said to Be Reminiscent of the Great Water Billing Fiasco of '02

There was an article posted on this week about the continuing problems the city of Portland, Oregon is having with its new $48 payroll and internal operations ITsystem that went live last June.

Other city workers' paychecks apparentlyhavemissing vacation time or child support payments incorrectly taken out.Just last Christmas, 1,466 city workers were underpaid anywhere from $0.34 to $3,400.00 while some134 were overpaid.

Nevertheless, city administrators say that the problems are just normal 'teething problems' and statethat, 'There is a learning curve and anyone who has implemented a system this big knows it takes 18 months to stabilize, and we're only at six.'

However, what really struck me in the story was this line, 'Talk to public employees in Portland and some liken the city's new payroll system to a computer fiasco worse than the great water billing mishap of 2002.'

It takes severalyears (and another $10 million in direct costs and an estimated $20 -30 million in lost revenue due to faulty customer billing) before the system becomessemi-reliable in its operations.

Your Stories Of Being Sick Inside The U.S. Health Care System

To get a feeling for what being sick in America is really like, and to help us understand the findings of our poll with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, NPR did a call-out on Facebook.

We asked people to share their experiences of the health care system, and within 24 hours, we were flooded with close to 1,000 responses.

The stories, often lengthy and detailed, echoed what our poll found: Americans with recent firsthand experience of the U.S. medical system are more likely than the general public to say there are serious problems with the cost and quality of care.

From Oregon to Florida and Maine to Mississippi, Facebook respondents told wrenching tales of bankruptcies, missed diagnoses, medical errors, miscommunication and treatment that was delayed or foregone because of its cost.

Luckily, she's fine, but she's had to pay more than $15,000 in bills so far, and she's had to borrow from her family and use student loan funds to pay them.

The new poll finds that 43 percent of people with recent illness ended up with serious financial problems.

It started when he woke up one night with alarming stomach pain — 'like shards of glass traveling through me,' he says.

Doctors at a nearby urgent care center ran a bunch of tests but couldn't figure out what was wrong, so they sent him to the hospital.

CT scan showed a nonserious ailment that needed only simple treatment — lots of fluids — and Dasenbrock went home.

'I laid the two bills next to each other and it was literally word for word, letter for letter and line item by line item the same charges ...

Jacki Bronicki, a medical librarian at the University of Michigan, tells of the frustration she felt about the treatment received by her father, 80-year-old Douglas Harlow Brown, who has Parkinson's disease.

We would have to convince each new doctor that saw him — tell the story of his Parkinson's, explain that this was not his normal, that he was normally functioning, talking, coherent.'

'I've been scared, but educated,' she writes, 'cried, but consoled, and cheered on by a team of amazing doctors, nurses and patient-care folks.

And even though nearly half of poll respondents say they're very satisfied with the quality of care they get, that leaves lots of room for improvement.

Baltimore contract for new water-billing system grows by $6 million

Baltimore officials are preparing to spend another $6 million to fix the city's error-ridden water-billing system, raising the cost of the project by 70 percent.

City officials say the $6 million contract amendment is needed for additional "IT support to supplement and assist the city staff"

The 10-year contract — which lasts until 2024 — will pay for new software and technology to replace the city's 35-year-old billing system.

As part of the overhaul of the billing system, officials say they plan to switch from a quarterly billing cycle to monthly bills starting Oct. 11.

Customers have long complained about erroneous water bills, but the issue gained widespread attention in 2012 when the city auditor found the Department of Public Works had overcharged thousands of homes and businesses by at least $9 million.

An investigation by The Baltimore Sun uncovered additional problems, including a $100,000 overbilling of Cockeysville Middle School and a Randallstown woman who'd been receiving her neighbor's bills for seven years.

Owings Mills resident Ariel Haberman, who is suing the city over what he alleges is $7,800 in overbillings for a West Baltimore rowhouse he owns, said he is not confident the money spent on the overhaul will result in improvements.

Baltimore's Board of Estimates voted in August to increase water rates by 9.9 percent a year for the next three years and charge two new fees.

"With our new metering and billing system, customers will be able to track their water usage on their phones or tablets and spot potentially costly leaks on their property,"

SolarCity Reviews and Complaints: What America’s Homeowners Think About Its Top Installer

It’s common speak that reviews of SolarCity are some of the harshest testimonies you’ll find on Yelp, but the ultimate question to unpack here is what are the consistent issues that drive this company’s customers to a state of keyboard frenzy?  One of the most decisive and prominent criticisms that we hear about SolarCity revolves around their sales process.

Homeowners frequently describe SolarCity’s salesforce as “pushy”, “relentless” and “harassing” with numerous cases of people who described the experience as “a barrage of phone calls.” To get some insight from the inside perspective, check out a testimony from a former SolarCity prospect who was frustrated with the company’s sales methodology: This internal pressure to quickly close leads engenders a confusing and stressful experience for the homeowners on the other end of the phone.

Here are a few examples of customer testimonies that exemplify the pressure sales experience we hear about so much: We often hear that the root cause for the confusion felt by solar homeowners is exposure to misleading solar sales tactics that stretch the truth about the cost of solar or the logistics of how simple going solar can be.

Additionally, we often hear that sales reps are friendly and engaging but that the customer experience drops off dramatically once a contract is signed:  In addition to confusion around the cost and logistics of solar, the high-pressure sales tactics SolarCity salespeople use can also lead to doubt and skepticism from homeowners who feel they are being manipulated or taken advantage of.

Suspicious offers such as the marketing gimmick “free solar panels from the government” often lead homeowners to ask our support team, “is Solar City a scam?” or “should I trust Solar City?” One cause for this “scam” assumption are the audacious promises made by sales reps that are impossible for installers to follow through on.

As a result, the following customer testimonies are common complaints we hear on a regular basis: The three criticisms mentioned above come up frequently with EnergySage users, but there is no sentiment we hear more frequently from SolarCity customers than regret following system installation (often because of SolarCity’s complicated and binding lease model).

Here are some testimonies that describe the actual solar savings, panel output and after-the-sale support by SolarCity, compared to the expectations garnered during the all-optimistic sales process and contract signing: At the end of the day, the point of this article is not to bash the nation’s largest solar installer.

To start, take a look at reviews from the sites where we sourced these complaints, including Yelp, ConsumerAffairs and Highya, as well as the industry-focused site SolarReviews. If you are interested in comparing your SolarCity or other contractor quote to other local installers in your area, enter your property details on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace and upload it as an external quote in order to compare it side by side to other offers made to you by local installers.

General Q&As

and paying automatically either online for all customers using your credit or debit card or from your checking or savings account available to our monthly and quarterly residential customers .

You may pay your sewer bill using yourcredit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) via our website, at the office, or over the phone.

There are two ways to have your sewer bill paid automatically: 1)Through recurring payments in your online account using your debit or credit card.Click here for 'How do I Activate Recurring Payments?"The amount paid through recurring payments will be the total account balance at the time we run the recurring payments.

2)Through Auto Pay if your account is single family residential being billed monthly or quarterly (click here for theauto pay applicationin pdf format).

You can also call our office during business hours at 541 664-6300 or 541 779-4144 to obtain information on any of your RVSS accounts.

Although fees vary depending on where your development is located and what type of development you are planning, this fee summary lists our sewer service and stormwater quality rates for residential and commercial properties and development fees for a single family residence in all of the areas we serve.

RVSS collects sewer system development charges for the three components of the sewer system: the collection system--the sewer into which your property directly ties;

This program is intended to protect and improve the quality of the water entering the streams from the more densely populated areas.

If the development is within the City of Medford and a new tap is required to an RVSS sewer line, RVSS will issue the tap permit, and the City of Medford will issue the permit to construct the service line.

Billing, customer service, and engineering questions can be answered by calling the front office at 541 779-4144 or 541 664-6300.

That way, if the problem you're experiencing stems from a problem in the public sewer main, we can fix it, without any additional cost to you.

These systems hold the solid waste and transport the liquid waste from your house to our mainline using a pump (STEP) or by gravity flow (STEG).

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