AI News, Point-and-Click Method Makes Robot Grasping Control Less Tedious

Point-and-Click Method Makes Robot Grasping Control Less Tedious

For most grasping tasks, when a robot needs help, it means that a human needs to manually position every single degree of freedom of the gripper while squinting at some low-resolution 3D point cloud.

Between the full manual and point-and-click grasping approaches shown in the above video, the researchers, from Georgia Tech’s Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning (RAIL)lab, led by Professor Sonia Chernova, also implemented a middle ground “constrained positioning” method, which intelligently limits the amount of degrees of freedom that a user needs to position.

In other words, it needs basic depth data in order to help you out with grasping, but it doesn’t need to understand what it’s looking at, making it easy to scale up and deploy to new environments without training.

study of non-expert users showed that the point-and-click interface was the most effective, helping users to “complete a greater number of tasks more quickly, complete tasks more consistently, and make fewer mistakes,” as the RAIL lab researchers explain: