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NLP: The Playground is Brimming with Potential

It is often ambiguous, and the linguistic structure can depend on many complex variables, including slang, social influences, and dialects.

With the underlying technology evolving so rapidly, does it make sense to invest time developing an approach which might become absolute with the next breakthrough in research or the next research paper?

As we help our customers make sense of the vast amounts of unstructured data that they directly or indirectly collect, we work across the applied NLP areas mentioned above.

Each work packet that we have solved is unique in the sense of the business problem it is trying to solve, the NLP techniques that are involved, and the approach that is used.

I have tried to give you a good idea of the trends in this space, which can help you make an informed decision about applying the latest solutions/frameworks/methodologies to your business problems.

The work being done in the NLP space is very exciting, and I hope it excites you just as much to begin this journey and take a dip in the vast ocean of opportunities that NLP and text analytics presents.

SoftBank takes stake in PlayGround Ventures, the $800m tech fund founded by Andy Rubin

SoftBank Group has privately backed the $800m (£611m) Silicon Valley venture capital firm founded by the creator of the Android smartphone operating system, The Telegraph can reveal.

The Japanese technology conglomorate has taken a stake in Playground Global’s latest fund, Playground Ventures II, a $500m war chest for investing in futuristic hardware start-ups.

The revelations about his departure from Google led to a backlash against the company from staff over claims he received a $90m pay-off on his exit.

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