AI News, Ping An Launches COVID artificial intelligence

Smart image-reading system eyes early detection of COVID-19

Ping An Smart Healthcare has developed a smart image-reading system aimed at helping medical professionals to improve efficient and accurate diagnosis of the new COVID-19 virus that is currently taxing the resources of the global healthcare communities.

The system can generate smart analysis results in around 15 seconds, with an accuracy rate above 90%', said Geoff Kau,  co-president and chief strategy officer of Ping An Smart City.

Closing the gap in COVID-19 detection and treatment As COVID-19 is a new disease, medical institutions, especially at the primary level in China, lack diagnosis experience, according to Ping An Healthcare.

The company said Computed Tomography (CT) images is being used by many doctors for diagnosis, but the lack of radiologists in the epidemic areas to review the volume of CT images is a major challenge.

It helps doctors to track the development of the disease, evaluate the treatment and have prognosis of patients, ultimately it assists doctors to diagnose, triage and evaluate COVID-19 patients swiftly and effectively.

Medical Device News and Press Releases

Treace Medical Announces Publication of Additional Positive Clinical Data Supporting Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ 108 patient study published in The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery demonstrates 99.1% maintenance of correction in bunion pat

study reevaluates factors linked with anxiety disorders A new study analyzing the information collected from a large, representative Canadian cohort of adults over the age of 45 has found associations between diet and anxiety disorder risk.

sugary drinks could raise heart disease risk Individuals who have a preference for sugary drinks may be more at risk of cardiovascular disease, a new study suggests.

evidence that sitting may raise heart disease risk Older women who sit for long periods every day are at higher risk of developing heart disease, according to a new study.

device may detect heart rate, breathing in pets Scientists have designed a wearable tech device that can detect animals’ vital signs — such as heart rate and breathing — through fur.

quarantine of cruise ship may have led to more infections Researchers have used mathematical models to assess the effectiveness of the public health measures taken to contain the COVID-19 outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

JLK Inspection has announced signing of a partnership with the National TB Center (NTC) and the Clinton Health Access Initiatives (CHAI) in Lao PDR to conduct a tuberculosis screening project - Accelerating overseas expansion of AI-based lung disea

my eyes: Surviving encephalitis Let me start by saying that before I got sick, I went to school for social work before training to be a dental hygienist.

from the Editor: The importance of accurate reporting In recent weeks, the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has dominated the media across the globe.

Scientists could repurpose drugs to treat infection New research zooms in on several antiviral drugs that scientists could repurpose to treat infections with the novel coronavirus.

Obtains CE-IVD Mark for AI-powered Cancer Detection Ibex's Galen™ Prostate solution demonstrates outstanding results in a blinded study and supports pathologists in providing accurate diagnosis, enhanced lab efficiency and quality control

Medidata Institute and Project ALS Launch Partnership to Accelerate New Treatment Strategies Medidata to apply proprietary artificial intelligence tools to aid the fight against ALS New initiative is part of Medidata’s ongoing commitment to

DNA Script Presents New Data Demonstrating the Feasibility of the Company’s Enzymatic Synthesis Technology The company can now synthesize oligos up to 280nt in length with a cycle efficiency of 99.4% — on DNA Script’s proprietary platform, molecula

Baxter Launches Peri-Strips Dry With Secure Grip Technology for Reliable Staple Line Reinforcement in Surgical Procedures Staple line reinforcement helps mitigate bleeding during bariatric and other procedures Staple line bleeding can cause

KA Imaging’s X-ray Detector Allows Any X-ray System to Be Upgraded to Dual-Energy Canadian manufacturer is getting ready to launch Reveal™, enabling bone and tissue differentiation without motion artifacts

updates: Coronavirus COVID-19 This article provides regularly updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak, with links to useful resources.

Chrissi Kelly founded AbScent, a charity and support group for people with anosmia, after doctors diagnosed her with the condition in 2012.

Adaptas Solutions to Acquire Applied Kilovolts and Analytical Instrumentation Business from L3Harris Technologies Acquisition to expand global footprint, enhance product development and broaden Adaptas' scientific instrument industry leadershi

Adaptas Solutions to Acquire Applied Kilovolts and Analytical Instrumentation Business from L3Harris Technologies Acquisition to expand global footprint, enhance product development and broaden Adaptas' scientific instrument industry leadershi

Guerbet To Showcase Next Generation Digital Solutions at HIMSS20 Contrast&Care®, Dose&Care® heighten performance, increase productivity, and improve patient care, while IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis provides relevant patient informati

Telehealth App Helps Connect Dialysis Patients Treating at Home New DaVita Care Connect™ app offers timely virtual connections between patients treating at home and their care teams

Swittons Debuts First Fully Customizable IoT Powered Solution to Improve Pharma to Physician Communication Smart device helps pharmaceutical reps cover more territory and gives physicians flexibility when it comes to consultations and orders

say US must prepare for coronavirus spread In a telebriefing yesterday, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised that the United States should prepare for the possibility of the new coronavirus spreading within

For a long time, researchers had thought that Antarctic killer whales migrated once a year to tropical waters to give birth to their young.

find new way to save neurons in Alzheimer’s disease Neurons die earlier than experts previously thought in Alzheimer’s disease, and stopping the process could prevent the disease from ever developing, finds a new study from Tokyo Medical Feb 25, 2020(Medgadget) ALPHASTROKE,

TwinStrand Biosciences Launches Duplex Sequencing Technology TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing technology offers unprecedented accuracy of DNA analysis, which is available in easily adopted reagent kit and cloud-based software format that can be applied

Holon Solutions Awarded Its Third U.S. Patent for Network-Wide Patient Tracking Technology Technology works with two other Holon patents powering their CollaborNet® point-of-care platform to surface clinical and social determinants of health data i

WaveGuide Launches World’s First Portable NMR Device: the WaveGuide Formµla™ Compact, battery-operated analytical device delivers precision and portability to transform on-site diagnostics and screening across medical, food and industrial applicati

BioUtah and the University of Utah’s TVC Announce Startups Chosen to Pitch at the 2020 Entrepreneur & Investor Life Science Summit Nine rising startup companies from Utah’s growing life sciences industry will present their innovations to invest

Nemaura Medical Plans Head-to-head Study with Major Glucose Monitoring System Studies planned to compare sugarBEAT® and major continuous glucose monitor sensor, seeking to position sugarBEAT® as both a possible alternative and complementary device Feb 25, 2020(Business Wire)

Proscia® Publishes Results Demonstrating Real-World Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in Pathology Findings in largest pathology AI validation study conducted to date serve as foundation for improving patient outcomes through faster, more accura

Proscia® Publishes Results Demonstrating Real-World Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in Pathology Findings in largest pathology AI validation study conducted to date serve as foundation for improving patient outcomes through faster, more accura

research: Woman with no symptoms infects five people A research letter published this week describes the case of a woman in China who spread COVID-19 to five people without displaying any symptoms.

different foods affect the risk of different types of stroke A new study examines the associations between certain foods and the risk of either hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke.

Positive Signs for Further Growth in Asia: Syntellix Receives Product Approvals in Malaysia and Myanmar Earlier than Planned - MAGNEZIX® StarFuse® and Compression Screw 4.8 (CSc 4.8) product lines receive approval from Malaysian authorities eight m

Change Healthcare Introduces Market Insights: Providing Visibility Into Trends Driving the U.S. Healthcare System Actionable information for healthcare providers and payers now available to improve healthcare access and quality while providing pers

WaveGuide Launches World’s First Portable NMR Device: the WaveGuide Formµla™ Compact, battery-operated analytical device delivers precision and portability to transform on-site diagnostics and screening across medical, food and industrial applicati

Miroculus Unveils Its Miro Canvas System at AGBT 2020 First user-programmable digital microfluidics platform to enable all major NGS library prep workflows

research: Woman with no symptoms infects five people A research letter published this week describes the case of a woman in China who spread COVID-19 to five people without displaying any symptoms.

walking speed and memory might predict dementia According to the authors of a new study, monitoring changes in memory and walking speed over time may help identify those most at risk of dementia.

New research in rats explores the role of perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT) — the fat that builds around arteries — in maintaining vascular health.

disease treatment: 2 herbal compounds may beat antibiotics Lyme disease — transmitted via tick bite — affects thousands of people in the United States and around the world.

an optimistic partner may stave off cognitive decline A happy partner may indeed mean a happy life, but what if it helps with physical and mental health in old age, too?

for brain health: It’s the variety that counts Individuals who participate in a variety of activities are likely to have better cognitive abilities than those who do not, according to a recent study.

MGI Announces Commercial Launch of its CoolMPS™ Chemistry-based DNBSEQ™ Sequencers in the United States New high-performance chemistry combined with PCR-free DNBSEQ nanoarray platform delivers higher quality and more sequencing reads

exposure to ozone may increase the risk of death Scientists have found an association between an increase in ozone exposure and short-term risk of death.

condemn 'rumors and misinformation' about coronavirus Scientists from nine countries have issued a joint statement “strongly condemning conspiracy theories” surrounding the origin of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and urging thos

maps gut bacteria and immune cell interactions In a new study, researchers have analyzed human colon samples to map out the interactions between populations of gut bacteria and the immune system.

New Real-World Data Show that Abbott's FreeStyle Libre System Delivers Positive Health Outcomes for People with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes - Data at ATTD reinforce and add to a growing body of clinical research and real-world evidence from use

Cardiovalve Receives ‘Breakthrough Device Designation’ for Its Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement System Cardiovalve becomes first privately held company to receive FDA’s early feasibility study (EFS) approval for both tricuspid regurgitatio

brain at rest holds clues to empathy Empathy helps us resonate with others on both an emotional and physical level.

psychological ‘trick’ moderates political views Giving people false descriptions of their political opinions depolarizes these views, a new study finds.

diet linked to gut microbiome improvements New research has found that older people who adhered to a Mediterranean diet for a year had healthier gut microbiomes and improved measures of frailty.

QIAGEN’s QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus to be Adopted for Latent TB Testing in Nigeria Nigerian Ministry of Health publishes guidelines highlighting QIAGEN’s gold standard blood test for latent TB as part of their “test and treat” strategy to fight Feb 19, 2020(Business Wire)

BIOCORP: Marketing Partnership on Mallya with iSage Rx in the Field of Digital Diabetes By combining Mallya's technology with the iSage Rx application, both parties offer patients with diabetes the most complete environment for monitoring Feb 19, 2020(Business Wire)

China Buys Danish Robots to Fight Coronavirus As a new and powerful weapon against the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese hospitals are now deploying Danish disinfection robots from UVD Robots.

IDT launches xGen Prism DNA Library Prep Kit New product enables high DNA library complexity from low-quality samples at industry-leading conversion rates

81% of cases are 'mild,' study says A new paper by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) finds that the majority of coronavirus cases are mild, with older adults and people who have other conditions bei

could be the missing link for understanding brain cancer Dogs have been important to humans as both companions and workers for millennia.

drug recall: Weight loss pill may increase cancer risk Following the results of a recent safety trial, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued a warning that the weight loss drug lorcaserin (Belviq) may increase the risk of cancer.

of M Twin Cities, Helmsley Charitable Trust and health care system partners aim to increase cardiac arrest survival rates Feb 18, 2020(PR Newswire) Results

launches novel viral RNA extraction kits for swab sample collection devices - Covaris announced new kits for efficient viral RNA extraction from sterile, synthetic swabs - Covaris is supporting customers evaluating kits as a key component i

Medical Center Selects Datos Automated Remote Care Platform for Coronavirus Telemedicine Program Datos technology to help monitor and care for patients with symptoms of low severity in the safety and comfort of their own homes

Abbott Introduces Next-Generation Heart Rhythm Management Devices in Europe, Featuring State-of-the-Art Patient App and Bluetooth Connectivity - New Gallant™ high voltage devices offer patients and their doctors a smartphone app and Bluetooth conne

Clarify Medical Now Approved as a TRICARE® Participating Provider Coverage Enables TRICARE Beneficiaries With Psoriasis and Eczema to Access the Clarify Home Phototherapy System The Clarify System’s Patented Technology Enables Patients to Feb 18, 2020(Business Wire) AccuVax®

Baxter Completes Acquisition of Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier Acquired product line is strong complement to the company’s leading Advanced Surgery portfolio Global integration process begins immediately to manage successful transition with cus

may spread faster than WHO estimate New research reviews the basic reproduction number (R0) of the new coronavirus, that is, the number that indicates how transmissible a virus is, and finds that it is much higher than current estimates.

molecule shows promise for Parkinson’s treatment Recent research in mouse models suggests that a new molecule might be able to tap into key neurochemical mechanisms and help treat Parkinson’s disease.

mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to improve lingering depression Researchers have found that online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) can improve lingering depressive symptoms.

men might have a lower risk of dementia A new longitudinal study that analyzed data from hundreds of thousands of men found a link between height and the likelihood of developing dementia.

Women Opting for Late Motherhood Driving Demand for Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: Transparency Market Research - The average age of mothers is increasing in many regions of the world, leading to high risk of genetic abnormalities, driving demand f

Leman Micro Devices: Smartphones Can Detect Symptoms of Infection and Put Health Monitoring in Everyone’s Hands V-Sensor and e-Checkup™-enabled smartphones measure temperature, blood pressure, respiration and other vital signs to medical accuracy

New research finds interesting associations between gut bacterial diversity and personality traits, such as sociability and neuroticism.

identify neuron crucial for navigation Researchers have recently identified a neuron in the brains of mice that is crucial for navigation.

flickering light can help fight Alzheimer’s Using mice, scientists have gained a better understanding of the therapeutic benefits of flickering light exposure for Alzheimer’s disease.

finds varying the amount lifted can increase muscle strength Researchers have demonstrated that reducing the amount of weight that people lift in training can improve their performance.

chemical may keep atherosclerosis at bay New research in mice suggests that a compound responsible for the odor of rotting flesh can shrink the fibrous plaques that build up in the walls of arteries in atherosclerosis.

Dietary interventions may ‘calm down the immune system’ A study in mice has shown that a change in diet may slow diseases that involve the activation of the immune system, such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

the body’s natural cycle to improve shift workers’ health The disruption to shift workers’ natural bodily rhythms may play a part in their increased risk of disease, according to a new study.

Whatever our take on Valentine’s Day, for those of us who are at all interested in pursuing romantic relationships, a key question remains: What makes a healthy relationship?

mitochondria respond to exercise, high fat diet Dubbed the powerhouses of the cell because they turn nutrients into energy, mitochondria are tiny organelles that live inside the cell and are key to metabolic health.

Wearable Diagnostics, Spectroscopic Systems Win Big at SPIE Startup Challenge The annual pitch competition at SPIE Photonics West 2020 showcased two photonics-focused tracks for the first time, recognizing six winners in healthcare and deep tech

tunes boost the cardio value of exercise According to new research, listening to fast music when exercising keeps the heart rate up and the fatigue to a minimum.

activity' may lower depression risk in young people Researchers already know that physical activity can help lower the risk of depression in adults.

could make people more prone to false memories New research finds that intoxication with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis, makes people more predisposed to forming false memories.

New Survey from eHI and NextGate Addresses the State of Patient Matching in the U.S. Findings reveal biggest contributors and challenges associated with poor patient matching as well as industry support for a national patient identifier

Baxter and COSMED Announce U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance of Q-NRG+ Indirect Calorimetry Device Compact, portable monitor that accurately measures patient’s resting energy expenditure to help optimize nutrition therapy Technology replaces potent

hand washing really could slow down an epidemic To prevent viral infections, doctors suggest practicing good hand hygiene.

allergies may be linked to venomous primate A recent study investigated whether planet Earth’s only venomous primate could help us understand why so many people are allergic to cats.

and aspirin may protect the heart during bereavement New research finds that a combination of low dose aspirin and beta-blockers reduces blood pressure and decreases symptoms of anxiety during bereavement.

compound could help treat fatty liver disease Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is an umbrella term for conditions that affect the liver.

FDA Grants De Novo Clearance to Bluegrass Vascular Technologies for the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System First device to reliably and repeatedly achieve central venous access from the inside-out in patients with venous obstructions

Da Volterra Announces Positive Top-line Results from a Phase 2 Clinical Trial Evaluating DAV132 in 260 Patients First clinical study evaluating DAV132 in patients Primary endpoint met: DAV132 was safe for use in hospitalized patients with s

Pangolins may have spread the disease to humans There are many questions about the novel Coronavirus that remain unanswered, such as “how does the virus spread?” and “where did it originate?” Now, Chinese-based researchers say they thin

some car seats may endanger our health over time New research shows that the foam padding in car seats contains significant amounts of a carcinogenic substance.

find new biomarker for depression New research finds that blood serum levels of anthranilic acid, a metabolite of the protein tryptophan, may help predict the onset and progression of clinical depression.

edibles: Labels should convey THC levels more accurately Most young adults do not understand the advertised levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in edibles, a new study finds, but the researchers have come up with better way of communicatin

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Receives Final FDA Approval for PEMFEXY™ (Pemetrexed for Injection) -- Eagle has exclusive rights to commercialize product for four months beginning February 1, 2022 --

Geisinger Optimizes Hospital Efficiency and Safety with Continued Investment in Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Systems Automating and securing the medication dispensing system throughout the hospital streamlines nursing workflow and helps Feb 10, 2020(Business Wire)

Innovative method stops toxic protein buildup Instead of targeting the tricky protein behind Parkinson’s, a new compound attacks the RNA that produces it.

smells to boost learning during sleep A recent study investigates the role of odor in learning and memory.

The authors confirm that the strategic use of aromas while learning and during sleep might improve exam performance — even outside of th

Zoetis Acquires Ethos Diagnostic Science, a Veterinary Reference Lab Business, to Further Expand its Comprehensive Diagnostics Capabilities The addition of three lab locations complements Zoetis’ growing reference laboratory footprint and enhances Feb 07, 2020(PR Newswire) Paragon

FDA Grants Caption Health Landmark Authorization for First AI-Guided Image Acquisition System Caption Guidance™ uses artificial intelligence to empower medical professionals without specialized training to perform cardiac ultrasound

receives FDA approval to expand and enroll 20 additional patients in the adult arm of its early feasibility IDE study of the Cor® TRICUSPID ECM® valve for pediatric and adult patients

coronavirus: Your questions, answered The current outbreak of infections with a novel type of coronavirus has sparked global anxiety and concern that the virus might spread too far and too fast and cause dramatic harm before health officials f

heart rate: No such thing as 'normal' A recent study concludes that when it comes to resting heart rate (RHR), “normal” does not exist.

makes TB resistant to common antibiotic Scientists have discovered that strains of tuberculosis (TB) with a supposedly lethal mutation can, in fact, survive — and that the mutation makes the bacteria resistant to an important antibiotic.

my eyes: Hidden dental infections It was 2011, our little boy was 5 years old, and our life was the stuff of dreams.

I was a stay-at-home mom, and I filled my days playing with our son, growing vegetables in our immense garden, and spending

A stronger, more comfortable, more stable walking aid: Groundbreaking StrongArm® Comfort Cane to be featured on HSN Patented design circumvents wrist pain & boosts stability Mayo Clinic trial found testers prefer StrongArm to conventional cane

Sonoma Biotherapeutics launches with $40 million in Series A funding to advance regulatory T cell therapy in autoimmune and degenerative diseases Company founded by four pioneers of Treg cell biology and cell therapy and financed by a syndicate of Feb 06, 2020(Business Wire) Life

Respimat® re-usable inhaler wins 2020 Pharmapack Eco-Design Award Respimat® re-usable has a lower carbon footprint and reduces waste compared with single-use inhalers1,2,3 The device has been designed with patient input and contains feature

drug may compromise cardiovascular health New research uses high quality data to find that the type 2 diabetes drug rosiglitazone raises the risk of adverse cardiovascular events by 33%.

A new study maps complex affective states to within an area of the brain just 3 centimeters (cm) in size.

First large-scale polio vaccination campaign using PharmaJet intradermal Needle-free Injector Overwhelming preference for Needle-free technology, used to vaccinate 500,000 children

Introduces Innovative UV-Curable Hydrophilic Coating for Medical Devices Specialty manufacturer of hydrophilic biomaterial coatings for medical devices launches HYDAK® UV, a new version of its industry-leading HYDAK® coating

donates over 90,000 EU standards-compliant face masks purchased from Europe to frontline medical staff in China's Hubei Feb 05, 2020(Business Wire)

Alydia Health Completes Enrollment of its Pivotal PEARLE IDE Study in Women with Postpartum Hemorrhage The investigational Jada System is designed to treat abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding and hemorrhage following childbirth Excessive postpart

Fresenius Kabi Introduces Glucagon Emergency Medicine Kit to Treat Life-Threatening Episodes of Low Blood Sugar Glucagon Emergency Kit is a cost-effective alternative to currently marketed branded kit products for severe hypoglycemia Co-pay assist

Hologic Launches New Scalable Options for Panther System in the United States and Europe New products offer increased flexibility and efficiency for low- to high-volume molecular testing laboratories

meat, poultry, and fish affect cardiovascular, death risk Experts know that processed red meats are likely to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Although national and international policymakers have long concluded that indoor tanning is a top risk factor for cancer and various skin problems, some studies still argue that there are benefits

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