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Ping An Leads Investment in Riverain Technologies to Advance AI in Healthcare

SSE: 601318) is pleased to announce Ping An Global Voyager Fund is leading an investment of US$15 Million in Riverain Technologies, a leading provider of clinical artificial intelligence software used to efficiently detect lung disease at its earliest stages.

The software significantly improves a clinician's ability to accurately and efficiently detect cancer and other cell anomalies in thoracic CT and X-ray images.

The company's suite of patented ClearRead(TM) software tools are FDA-cleared, deployable in the clinic or in the cloud, and powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning methods available to the medical imaging market.

"Adding the global reach of the Ping An Global Voyager Fund will allow us to more rapidly expand our product development efforts and deploy our technology to patients across the globe."

which focus on the provision of financial and healthcare services through our integrated financialservices platform and our five ecosystems of financial services, health care, auto services,real estate services and smart city services.

The fund typically invests between US$15 and US$50 million in non-control positions in companies where an affiliation with Ping An is likely to create significant mutual value over time.